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Mounting Dream MD2377-KTMounting Dream MD2377-KT is ideal for 26 to 55 inch televisions and can handle up to 60 pounds. The 9 piece kit includes a rugged TV wall mount made of steel, stud finder, 3 cable ties, 2 HDMI cables, 100ml anti-static screen cleaning gel, as well as a magnetic bubble level. This TV mount ensures you have a comfortable viewing experience with its flexibility, allowing you to tilt the TV up 5 degrees and down 15 degrees, swivel the TV left or right depending on where you are sitting and pull out or retract the TV for maximum viewing range.
OmniMount PLAY40Whether you're watching movies, playing games or even exercising, get the right angles and enjoy optimal comfort with the OmniMount PLAY40. This TV mount can fit televisions from 30 to 55 inches with a weight of up to 40 pounds, and ensures you have the best experience thanks to the patented technology that allows you to adjust it accordingly without requiring knobs or levers. It also allows you to pull it out up to 24 inches away from the wall, giving you a lot of flexibility and when not in use, it retracts to 5.5 inches.
Mounting Dream MD2268-MKDid you just buy a new TV and are looking for the perfect mount? You should consider the Mounting Dream MD2268-MK, which was designed to hold televisions ranging from 26 to 55 inches and is strong enough to handle up to 88 pounds. It features a 75 x 75mm to 400 x 400mm VESA that simplifies the installation process. The mount holds your TV 1.5 inches away from the wall, allowing you to save some space. It also ensures that you don’t have to deal with annoying glares on your screen all thanks to its tilt capability.
Echogear EGLT1-BKThe Echogear EGLT1-BK has all the functions you could need to ensure you have an enjoyable experience while watching your favorite shows or playing games. No more glare on your screen! The Echogear has the ability to tilt up to 15 degrees so you can adjust it as needed. The mount also offers you a lot of room to plug in cables and cords as it hold your TV 2.5 inches away from the wall while still offering it maximum support with a capacity to handle TVs up to 125 pounds.
VideoSecu ML531BEVideoSecu ML531BE is a solid, flexible and affordable TV mount with a heavy gauge steel construction that ensures it is up to the task with the ability to hold up to 88 pounds. In case you install the mount at an uncomfortable viewing level, it is flexible so you can adjust the TV to the perfect level plus it can tilt +15 degrees/-5 degrees, can swivel up to 180 degrees and can also rotate ensuring you have maximum viewing range. Furthermore, the mount can extend up to 20 inches from the wall to suit your needs and can also retract to 2.2 inches allowing you to save space.

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