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Newport Vessels NV-Series 36 lb ReviewIf you have a big boat, this is not the one for you! This saltwater motor is all about speed as it goes up to 6 miles per hour, along with 8-speed options. This option is popular with kayaks because it has a 30-inch long shaft and it cannot hold more than 1,400 pounds.
Minn Kota Trolling Motor ReviewA trolling motor is a small boat motor designed to move the vessel in shallow waters, to keep it still against the current when you don’t want to deploy the anchor or to propel it quietly to prevent spooking off fish. This type of motor is often preferred by freshwater anglers fishing in marsh areas. Minn Kota is a brand known for its responsive, easy to control transom-mount motors a few reasons it’s one of the most popular choice among anglers and the Endura C2 55 doesn’t disappoint. It’s perfect for mid-sized boats and packs a wealth of features developed for smooth sailing across lakes and marshes.
MotorGuide Xi3 ReviewCreated by MotorGuide, the Xi Series of trolling motors is known for providing users with simplicity and convenience. Specifically, the Xi3 is known for this and more. This motor is high-tech and equipped with all the latest technology including reliable sonar, on-screen control displays, and PinPoint GPS. The entire display is it by bright LEDs that allows users to see it in any kind of light conditions. The Xi3 is wireless, using remote-control steering. This handy wireless capability can be paired with wireless foot pedals for additional convenience and ease of use.
Lowrance Ghost Freshwater ReviewThe Ghost trolling motor is the most quiet trolling motor on the market and still packs a punch. With its new age brushless motor and propulsion technology the ghost gives the user the most thrust and longest run time out of any other trolling motor out there. This unit can be controlled not only from the bow foot pedal but also the Lowrance HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon and the Elite Ti2.
Goplus 86LBS ReviewFishing enthusiasts who love to tackle both freshwater and saltwater sites will surely like the Goplus 86LBS trolling motor. It works with all kinds of fishing boats, whether they’re inflatable or made from wood or plastic. What makes it different from the rest is a unique, 3-blade propeller that delivers smooth movement through various wet surfaces, including marsh and underwater vegetation. A 6-inch adjustable handle, five forward and three reverse speeds make controlling the motor a breeze. We also like the LED battery indicator, which lets you know when to recharge, but keep in mind that you need a 24-volt deep cycle battery to power it.

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