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Nest Thermostat E
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Ecobee Smart ThermostatThe new model builds on the model that preceded it, which was itself very well executed. Many other smart thermostats rely on measuring a home’s temperature in just one spot: Where the thermostat is located. Trouble is, that spot is usually in a hallway or somewhere else that you never spend any time in. Ecobee lets you place multi-purpose sensors in various rooms in your home, so that the rooms you’re in are the ones that the thermostat instructs your HVAC system to heat or cool to keep you comfortable.
Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Smart ThermostatThe Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat is unique in that it costs half of most expensive thermostats, while still offering a variety of high-end features. It starts with an app, which gives you step-by-step installation instructions, including video tutorials. The app allows you to set a flexible schedule and includes geofencing, which adjusts the comfort settings based on where your smartphone is located in — or out of — your home. The usage report helps you determine ways to save energy, and, you can receive smart alerts to warn you of extreme humidity or temperature changes.
Honeywell ThermostatAll in all, it is a GREAT thermostat. The WiFi capabilities are nice, and if you forget about the WiFi or the WiFi stops working, it's still a GREAT thermostat. If you don't need all the fancy features of the nest or ecobee, then this is the thermostat for you.
Nest Thermostat EWith the Next Thermostat E, you get all the smarts that are well-established in the Nest line, most impressive of which is the learning algorithm which works out both when you're home and when you like the heat a little hotter, helping to set the right temperature at the right time. This should save you money, since you won't leave it turned up by accident. It'll also tie in to individual temperature sensors, so you can make sure you're getting the heat you want in the right rooms and spaces.
Nest Learning ThermostatThe Google Nest Learning Thermostat (third generation) learns your heating and cooling preferences and then intelligently creates an optimized Schedule to maximize efficiency, so you don’t have to program it yourself. It installs easily, it’s compatible with most systems, and it works with Nest Temperature Sensors, which you place in trouble spots to better keep all of your rooms comfortable. The hardware looks and feels superb, with an excellent tactile control wheel and a beautiful screen that doubles as a time or weather clock, and it comes in seven finishes. Some homeowners may have to deal with the hassle of power issues depending on their system.

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