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Leupold LEU-172830 LTO
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P2M Firestorm 1-4×19
Thermal Monoculars
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Pulsar Quantum Lite Thermal MonocularPulsar Quantum Lite thermal monocular is a superb device when it comes to performance, features, & price-quality ratio. It comes in a rugged casing reinforced with fiberglass. This makes it tough and can withstand wear and tear even in the harshest conditions. The monocular is rubberized to improve its grip further. Pulsar Quantum Lite thermal monocular allows you to alter target viewing using 7 different color palettes. One of these colors is monochrome, which highlights hot areas with white and cold areas with black. This helps isolate the prey better even when hidden among thick bushes. A built-in stadiametric rangefinder allows the hunter to determine the distance from the prey.
FLIR Scout TK Pocket-Sized Thermal MonocularIf you are looking for a compact monocular that can easily fit into your pocket, then the FLIR Scout TK Pocket-Sized Thermal Monocular would be ideal. It starts up in a matter of seconds, is user friendly, and allows you to see subjects up to 100 yards away. The Scout TK also enables you to record steady videos with 9 video palettes that include White/Black Hot, InstAlert and Graded Fire. Moreover, it has a robust, weatherproof frame that enables it to withstand any bumps and splashes on the trail. Whether you're looking for something for personal home security at night or for the great outdoors, this monocular will deliver.
Leupold LEU-172830 LTOThe best thing about the Leupold LUE-172830 LTO is that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. It has an average resolution relative. It also has average digital zoom, which isn’t uncommon among thermal monoculars. This model is only most effective out to 40 yards, and then minimally effective out to 100 yards. You’re not going to be able to see anything beyond that range. While it is waterproof, that’s something that adds a lot of value to this model making it effective in the rain or in water too.
Pulsar Quantum Lite Thermal MonocularPulsar Quantum Lite Thermal Monocular is a multi-purpose device that is ideal for hunting, law enforcement, search and rescue as well as personal security. It allows you to track prey as well as detect heat signatures as far as 875 yards. It features an AMOLED screen with a 640 x 480 resolution through which you can see crisp thermal images. The monocular starts up in 2 seconds and enables you to save battery when it is inactive with a convenient automated battery saving shut-off feature. The Pulsar Quantum Life also enables you to record video and employs 7 different color palettes.
ATN OTS-HD 384 Thermal Smart HD MonocularsThis monocular belongs to ATN’s range of thermal imaging cameras which boast of an OTS-HD Obsidian core processor. The hi-tech processor makes the monocular super fast and less lagging whether it's closing in on your prey or recording the entire experience. ATN OTS HD 384 thermal monocular features a compact lightweight design. Most of the inbuilt functions are controlled by a touch of a button. The monocular also comes with smart features to increase accuracy and reduce guessing while hunting. A built-in smart rangefinder allows you to bracket your target with two clicks and a shift of the scope. The reticle automatically adjusts to provide an accurate point of impact.
Pulsar Helion XP50 Thermal Monocular 2.5The Helion XP50 is a crown jewel of Pulsar’s manufacturing & approach to modern thermal imaging devices. It comes jam-packed with features, it’s solid as a rock, rigid and waterproof, while being decently light and very convenient to use. Besides the 1800-yard detection range, 50Hz refresh rate is something that Pulsar products consider as a standard, and this feature really brings the fluid performance which is essential to precise usage & results at high distances. Combined with the integrated accelerometer, stadiametric rangefinder, 640x480 resolution with 17 µm details and a frost-resistant display, and a big, easy-removable battery you get the clear picture about this product’s quality.
ATN OTS-HD 640 Thermal Smart HD MonocularsStarting with the best the ATN OTS-HD 640 has to offer, and its e-zoom settings come into play. It enables the device to focus on very distant objects; HD 640 has the power to increase its magnification from a meager 2.5x to a massive 28x. What’s more, since this unit runs on 4 AA batteries, it provides a considerable runtime of 8 hours on a single charge . ATN OTS-HD 640 comes with an upgradable firmware - that means you can update its antivirus at will. The firmwares is making this device suitable for a wide array of environments due to its 3D gyroscope and E-compass features.
ATN OTS- Thermal Smart HD 640 MonocularsThe ATN OTS- Thermal Smart HD 640 Monocular is powerful with a 640 x 480 pixel HD resolution thermal sensor that enables you to detect heat signatures as well as see clearly in complete darkness. It has a built in rangefinder that lets you know the exact distance between you and a subject. The monocular also features 3D Gyroscope, which helps with image stabilization and provides you with clear sharp images by decreasing the amount of natural hand shake. It also has an E-compass that comes in handy when it comes to navigating your way. You can also focus in on far away objects thanks to the E-zoom.
P2M Firestorm 1-4×19The P2M Firestorm 1-4×19 comes with a display with a 384 x 288 resolution, which is among the best you can find on any thermal monocular. It also has an excellent 550-yard detection range, which gives you the ability to see without being seen. This model has three different color palettes, allowing you to customize the experience to the one that works best for you, whether that’s black hot, white hot, or red hot. It also comes app-ready. You can use this model as a stationary camera and via wifi, view what it sees on the IR Tracker app. This feature makes it extremely flexible, good for hunting or security.

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