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Orion SkyQuest XT8
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Celestron Nextstar 6SE
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Svbony SV35
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Orion 10014 SkyQuest XT4.5 Classic Dobsonian TelescopeThe Orion 10014 SkyQuest XT4.5 Classic Dobsonian Telescope is a perfect piece of equipment for exploring the universe to stargaze to your heart's content. The telescope is innovatively designed, has two eyepieces that include a 25mm and 10mm focal length Sirius Plossl, 6x30 finder scope, 1.25-inch rack and pinion focuser, collimation cap and eyepiece rack. Whether you are a novice or more adept astrology lover, this telescope is easy to handle and well packaged in an enamel steel tube that is user friendly. With this telescope, the solar system and Milky Way become visual reality because the telescope's primary mirror pulls in 260% more starlight, giving you a magical experience.
Orion SkyQuest XT8Although it does come with a higher price tag, it is money well spent as you definitely get the most out of each dollar. The XT8 will satisfy the clarity cravings on all skill levels. An additional attachment can also be purchased to attach a camera to this telescope for video and photography. The Starry Night astronomy software is included in the package. This is great for newcomers to the field, but won’t be necessary for those will a little more experience. The assembled piece weight about 40 lbs, which is a bit more bulky than the other scopes.
Celestron 127 EQ PowerSeekerCelestron 127 EQ PowerSeeker provides value for your money with its quality build, amazing features, ease of use and power. It is especially designed for beginners and is also ideal for families, promising durability so you can enjoy using it for years to come. This telescope gives you a flexible viewing range as it comes with two eyepieces that include a 20mm and 40mm as well as a 3x Barlow lens that boosts the power of each eyepiece, allowing you to view a wider range of celestial objects. It is also lightweight and compact making it your ideal companion for family camping trips and other night outdoor activities.
Celestron Nexstar 130 SLTThe Nexstar 130SLT has a portable design and it is a more affordable option. This telescope comes with an Altazimuth mount and StarPointer finderscope. The tripod is made of steel which makes the telescope very steady. It is fully computerized which enhances the quality of the pictures and it has amazing eyepieces however, one may need to get lens in order to increase the magnification. Another downside is the Sky Align technology may take some time to learn and this telescope does not save the date, time and place which means that you have to input them every time you use this telescope.
Celestron Nextstar 6SEThe Nexstar 6SE is an amazing choice for both beginners and more experienced star gazers. This telescope has a compact design and is a combination of reflector-refractor offering accurate images that you would not easily get from other telescopes. It is equipped with a computerized system as well as SkyAlign technology which basically enables you to align your telescope with three celestial objects. It has a good eyepiece with upto sixty times magnification and light tripod which makes it easily portable. The only disadvantage of this telescope is the 8AA batteries which drain rather quickly.
Celestron PowerSeeker 70AZThe PowerSeeker 70AZ is well priced, and available for not much more than many scopes much less powerful that are marketed directly to children. The price of course is an important factor in making it a feasible choice for parents looking for a great present for a child showing interest in astronomy. However, the quality of the view that the 70AZ delivers ensures a rewarding experience for children of all ages, which can help a child foster and grow into a wonderful and fulfilling hobby. Unlike many other products you may consider, this PowerSeeker will not break after a few uses, and will certainly last for many years to come.
Orion 10016 StarblastThe Orion 10016 is a good choice for beginners as it can be used for both casual observing and as a learning tool. It is compact and lightweight which makes it easily portable and has rings that are detachable enabling you to upgrade it. It is easy to focus thanks to its well built base with adjustable altitude tension. Furthermore, it has two eyepieces that make it multifunctional. The downside is that it has a plastic focuser and it cannot stand on its own so it needs to be set on something for stability.
Levenhuk Strike 90 PlusThis telescope is a convenient choice for both children and adults. It is set up on an altazimuth mount which means that additional calibrations are not required. This refractor telescope has amazing apeture and premium optics. The images are very sharp and saturated since the lenses and mirrors are made of multicoated glass. It has a red dot finder that makes it easier to navigate the sky at night. It also comes with a kit consisting of books, extra eye pieces which includes a zoom eyepiece, software and a Zongo 20 telescope case.
Svbony SV35The SVBony SV35 is a high-powered telescope with amazing performance which makes it a great option for amateurs and children. It is a 70mm refractor telescope and its lens is plated with green film to ensure that it does not damage your vision. Its tripod is made of aluminium which makes the telescope very stable.It comes with a phone mount which enables you to take photos of celestial bodies as you stargaze.
Aw 70mm Astronomical RefractorThe AW 70mm is a compact and light telescope which makes it easily portable. It is a 70mm refractor telescope which makes it convenient for entry-level astronomers. It comes with two eyepieces for easier viewing and has an aluminium tripod that is very stable and can be adjusted to 50 inches. Moreover, it is equipped with a finder scope which enables you to easily locate tiny objects in the sky. This telescope is very affordable and it comes with a manual,eyepiece,finder scope,tripod, an aiming platform and an optics tube.

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