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Samsung Gear S3
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Pebble Time SmartwatchThe Pebble Time Smartwatch is perfect if you're a first time buyer. The affordable watch comes in three simple colors that you can choose from. It connects to your phone so you can use it to receive notifications, get calendar reminders, view incoming calls and read texts or emails. It's also has a Pebble Health feature that keeps track of your daily activity and sleep patterns, and it gives you daily reports and weekly insights to keep your health in check. It's water resistant up to 30 meters so you can swim with it, and it has a built-in mic for your voice notes.
Apple Watch Series 3The Apple Watch Series 3 has wonderful features. It has GPS to help keep track of your movement, while also helping you navigate when you're in a new area. It has an optical heart sensor to keep track of your activity, and it's swimproof so you can safely take it with you underwater. It runs on a dual-core processor, and it has an aluminium case for durability. It's also designed with a 563 sq mm display area that shows you incoming phone calls, you can use it to read texts or emails, and you can also use it to go through your music playlist.
Motorola Moto 360 SportThe Motorola Moto 360 Sport is a stylish smartwatch with great features. It's designed with an LCD touchscreen display that shows your phone notifications, and it has a Gorilla Glass cover to protect it from damage. The watch has a voice control feature for easy use, and it's compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It's ideal for active users since it has heart rate and activity monitoring features, and it has GPS to keep track of your movement. You can also go underwater with the watch since it's water resistant up to 3 feet, and it has a navigation feature for outdoor trips and adventures.
Samsung Gear S3The Samsung Gear S3 is a very advanced smartwatch. It has a very sleek design with a unique steel bezel and a comfortable strap with an adjustable buckle. It connects to your phone via bluetooth technology so you can use the smartwatch to read your texts, receive phone calls and get phone notifications. It also has a Samsung Pay feature so you can make easy payments. It runs on a lithium ion battery and it's compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The smartwatch is also great for active people, since it's made out of durable material that makes it water, dust and scratch resistant.
S928 Sports WatchThe S928 GPS Outdoor Sports Smartwatch has many useful features while still maintaining a casually stylish look. It features a real time monitor to keep track of your heart rate and a built in 3D accelerometer that captures your speed. This watch also has the ability to measure environmental factors such as temperature and air pressure, so you can be prepared for unpredictable weather while running around outdoors. The S928 connects to your phone via bluetooth, and is able to give you call and message reminders, receive social media notifications and set off alarms and reminders. It is also waterproof for extra durability.

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