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JetPilot Sea Doo Dolphin
Diving Scooter
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Yamaha RDS250
Diving Scooter
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JetPilot Sea Doo DolphinThe JetPilot Sea Doo Dolphin is the ideal scooter for you and your family. It can be used in a small lake or pool by children and children from the ages of 8 and up. The scooter moves at 2 miles per hour to reach a depth of 15.5 feet. It uses a rechargeable battery that's sealed to protect it from water damage, and it's very light at 12 pounds that improves its portability function. The scooter also has safety features for better use, that includes a floating chassis, an auto shut-off function and protective grilles to keep you hands safe as the propellers move.
JetPilot Sea GTI Doo Sea ScooterEasy to carry around weighing 18 pounds, and with a speed of 2.5mph and a depth rating of 30m, the SEA-DOO Scooter provides the thrust you need to navigate any deep waterbody. Not only is it lightweight, but it is a decent size measuring 23.5 inches by 14.6 inches by 12.2 inches. When fully charged, the scooter can run for up to 2 hours giving you enough time to explore and with its adjustable buoyancy control, allows you to go as deep as you'd like. Don't worry about the internal electronics, the scooter's waterproof circuitry will provide protection in case of accidental flooding.
Yamaha RDS250Enjoy your underwater experience to the fullest with the Yamaha RDS250 Sea Scooter, which is perfect for diving enthusiasts with a maximum speed of 2.5 mph and a depth rating of 100 feet. It is completely lightweight weighing 18 pounds and in a 24 inches x 15.2 inches x 12.3 inches body. It is ideal for salt water as it has a removable buoyancy control chamber and also has a waterproof construction to prevent accidental flooding. With a runtime of up to 2 hours, this scooter will ensure you have an amazing experience.
Sea Doo –RS- SD15001 Underwater SeaScooterDo you enjoy sea diving? Enhance your experience with the Sea Doo SD15001-RS1 Underwater Sea Scooter. It is easy to transport with its lightweight build and better yet, easy to use. With a depth rating of 130 feet and maximum speed of 4.35mph, combined with a runtime of 90 minutes, you'll have the best time navigating the deep waters. Not to forget, the batteries are detachable and rechargeable. The scooter also offers 3 gears enabling you to select your preferred speed. Lastly, it has a Handle diameter that allows you to attach a wristwatch.
Jerry Rat Underwater ScooterGood looking, functional and safe, all the right words to describe the Jerry Rat Underwater Scooter. Featuring a 3-level rotational speed control with progressing acceleration, enjoy being in control of your underwater adventure, adjusting the speed as you want even while in motion. It has a maximum speed of 8.95mph with a depth rating of 66 feet ensuring your safety as well as a runtime of up to 2 hours. This scooter is also very reliable with features that include emergency buoyancy, thrust after power failure and magnetic switch design. Plus, it's waterproof, protecting the internal electronics of the scooter.
Tusa SAV-7 Underwater ScooterThe Tusa SAV-7 is a great option for professional scuba divers. A unique feature is its ability to propel up to three scuba divers letting you share the experience underwater with your scuba buddies. The ride will also be smoother with a progressive acceleration system that allows you to alter the speed even while in motion. The scooter has a maximum speed of 2.6 mph with a depth rating of 230 feet. This scooter also performs magnificently owing to its saddle wings as well as 3-speed propeller, which adjusts to different angles and pitches, coupled with and LED battery indicator that lets you know when you're running out of juice.

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