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Anker PowerCore 20100This power bank has a battery size of 20,100mAH and is able to charge at least 5-7 phones depending on the type of phones. It has two fast charging 2.4 Amp USB ports to charge two phones at once and can charge most android phones or iPhones from 0% to 50% in about 40-50 minutes. It comes with four blue LED lights to show its own charge levels. It has a slim, narrow and long design and weighs 356g to make it easily portable. It also has a solid build quality with double-layer inner metal & outer polycarbonate shell with a matte understated finish and curvy sides.
Mophie Powerstation Plus XLThe powerstation plus XL combines a compact design, premium feel and an integrated charging cable that charges both Apple and microUSB devices. It has a 10,000mAh USB battery and delivers 48 hours of additional talk time. It has two USB ports which allow you to charge two devices at the same time. A power button and four indicator lights make it easy to quickly check on the charge level of the pack, and see how far along it is when being charged itself. It has wireless input that allows you to recharge it using any mophie wireless charging pad or Qi-compatible charger.
RAVPower 22,000mAH Power BankThe RAVPower Power Bank’s biggest benefit is that it has a very efficient battery capacity of 22,000mAH. It can charge your phone to full capacity approximately 5-9 times depending on the type of the phone. It has three microUSB ports to charge at least 3 gadgets silmutaneously. On the inside, the device has "Battery Protecting NTC" which monitors battery temperature and provides self-regulating high temperature protection. It also has a solar charging feature as an emergency back-up solution in times of power failure. It comes with a built-in LED that turns your solar charger into a flashlight. It has a high-density Li-Polymer Battery for a lightweight yet powerful powerbank.
Xiaomi 10,000 Mi Power Bank ProThe Xiaomi Mi Power Bank Pro is sleek, wrapped in a slim metal body that's both stylish and easily portable and is complemented by a large 10,000mAH capacity, excellent power efficiency, and fast charging. There are two ports on the front of the pack: one USB-A port for charging your gadget and a USB-C port for charging the pack itself. Next to the ports is a power button along with four white LED buttons which represent the battery's capacity. It takes approximately 3-5 hours for the power bank to be full depending on the power source.
Cygnett ChargeUp Swift WirelessThe mini thrill of wireless charging doesn't get old and the Cygnett ChargeUp Swift Wireless is one of them. It is a 10,000mAh fast charging power bank that features a digital display which displays how much charge is left. It also gives you the option of going wired using two 2.4A microUSB ports. When using the wireless charge, you can also use the USB Port to charge an additional item. The official charging line is an estimated 2.6x wireless charges and 2.3x wired charges. When not in use the battery turns itself off. The product is lightweight and has a soft rubber touch finish to give it a nice look.

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