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C Crane CC Pocket AM/FM Pocket Portable RadioThe C Crane CC Pocket is a portable radio that delivers great sensitivity and a wide selection of radio stations for its compact size. It comes with 5 one-touch memory presets and built in speakers but still features an audio output jack for private FM listening. It also boasts of a backlight, a sleep timer, a 12 hour AM/PM clock which has an alarm and a removable belt clip. It has an LCD panel that displays the battery strength, time, currently playing station as well as the reception strength which is pretty neat. It offers about 75 hours playtime running on 2AA batteries.
Sangean PR-D5BK AM/FM Portable RadioThe Sangean PR-DK5BK portable radio boasts of 10 Memory Presets for 5 AM or 5 FM station selections which are easily visible in the large LCD display. Besides this brilliant feature, it also boasts of a headphone jack, 3.5mm aux-in socket which allows connection to an iPod, iPhone or any other mp3 player, backlit LCD which indicates the battery life as well as current station and a sleep timer with Humane Wake-Up System (HWS). It comes in color options of black or white. It can operate on A/C power or 6 "C" batteries.
Kaito KA500 AM/FM NOAA Portable RadioThis radio is an all-in-one package, featuring a radio (AM/ FM/ SW/ NOAA weather radio alerts) and a 6-way powered design which include 3 AA batteries, hand-crank dynamo generator, solar panel, NiMH rechargeable battery pack, 5V mini USB or through the AC/DC adapter charger. The sound quality is very clear, with crisp vocals, detailed midrange tones and some bass and its reception is without any static interference or noise. It also comes with various safety features such as a USB mobile charger for both iOS and Android devices, LED flashlight, red LED SOS beacon light and a 5-LED reading lamp making it ideal for long travels or camping.
Sony ICFP26 Radio The Sony ICPF 600 is a portable AM/FM radio perfect for rooms with small spaces. It features an LED battery status indicator and runs on two AA batteries which assure a longevity of 60-100 hours of non-stop playtime depending on the volume. It has a headphone socket which allows enjoyment for private listening and also has a wrist strap for convenient portability. It features a telescoping antenna to adjust the sensitivity of the signal transmission. Despite its size and compact design, this radio produces really clean and crystal clear sound from its built-in speakers.
Panasonic RF-2400 AM/FM RadioThe Panasonic RF-2400D is a portable radio similar to the first model of the company's RF-2400. They however added a D to the name and made slight adjustments to the front and rear designs. It comes in black and silver and is equipped with an On/Off AM/FM Selector slider, a rotary tuning knob, thumbwheel volume control and a Tune LED. It can be powered by 4 AA batteries which contributes to its portability or by A/C power when indoors. It has a 10cm speaker and an antenna which helps the signal transmission remain clear and you can hear the radio stations without any static interference or noise.

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