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Super Deal USA Plasma CutterThe SUPER DEAL DC Inverter Plasma Cutter is an awesome choice if you are looking for a multi-purpose functioning tool at a friendly budget. It makes use of PRO technology to give you precise performance with better stability while consuming less power. It is made out of heavy duty iron for durability and reliability, so you can use it for a very long time in any environment. The plasma cutter even has a digital LCD display with an easy to read front panel air-pressure gauge for better efficiency, and It is designed with over-heat and overvoltage protection features for user safety.
Lotos Technology Non-Touch 50A Pilot Arc Plasma CutterThe Lotos Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter is one of the highest recommended plasma cutters you could buy. It easily and precisely cuts through a variety of surfaces with little to no slag, and utilizes pilot arc technology to cut through metal without touching the tip. The compact cutter is very portable and it comes at an affordable price that is perfect for buyers on a budget. It has amazing performance, with a 10-50A DC output and a maximum severance cut at under 220/240V. The plasma cutter is easy to set up thanks to the preinstalled quarter inch type D plug and air filter for quick and easy connection.
Zeny DC Inverter Plasma CutterThe ZENY DC Inverter Plasma Cutter is an affordable plasma cutter that does not skimp on quality and functionality. It uses the inverter technical of switch power for a stable and reliable user experience, while saving energy and increasing performance efficiency. It also has an advanced cooling system for the cutting torch that makes it easier and safer on the user. It works on 110V or 220V dual voltage which allows it to function with 60Hz worth of power. The plasma cutter has a compact design coming in at 22.05 pounds and it has a handle for more portability.
Everlast SuperUltra 205The Everlast SuperUltra 206si is an outstanding multi-purpose tool that works for home DIY projects and industrial repair works. The multi process welder works on a dual voltage of 110V/220V. It utilizes MOSFET-based inverter technology for stable and efficient performance, and it is portable and lightweight which is great if you constantly need to move around. It can easily cut through stainless steel, chromoly and steel using its HF plasma cutting function with the pilot arc feature. It can also achieve half inch and three quarter inch cuts on plasma and Dual Voltage.
Hypertherm 088016 Powermax 45The Hypertherm 088016 Powermax45 is an impressive hand system plasma cutter with 20 foot Lead. It has an outstanding cut and gouge quality that cuts down time spent on grinding and edge preparation. The cutter also features patented drag-cutting technology that makes it even easier to use, which is perfect for beginner and intermediate users. It has a compact size and is lightweight that makes it very portable, and it comes with a half inch cutting system that works with a 200-240V single phase input voltage. The Hypertherm Powermax is an amazing multi-purpose tool that has a better cut quality than other cutters in a similar price range.
Hobart 500564 Airforce Plasma CutterThe Hobart 500564 Airforce 12ci Plasma Cutter comes with a built-In Air Compressor for energy efficiency and precision performance. The plasma cutter works at 120V and it cuts faster that oxy fuel. It is also designed to offer a smaller heat-affected zone for minimal warping and it gives you a clean and thin cut with little slag. It is very easy to setup and use since it is ready to use straight out of the box, and it is portable and lightweight for extra working convenience. The Hobart is rated for an eighth inch plate cut, though it can also work well on thicker materials of a half or quarter inch.
Miller Electric Spectrum 375 Plasma-Cutter MachineThe Inverter Spectrum 375 is a pricey plasma cutter with impressive features to match. The portable 33.6 pound plasma cutter can cut through a variety of materials with little effort and maximum precision. It comes with an in-line air filter and additional consumables at an affordable price, and it is made out of very strong and durable materials that will maintain the cutter for years of continuous use. The cutter has a rated output of 30A with an input voltage of 208/240V 1PH and it includes an XT30 torch, a heavy duty work clamp, a carrying case, MVP plugs and a shoulder strap for working convenience.

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