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Herman Miller AeronThe Herman Miller Aeron Tilt Limiter Task Chair has adjustable Vinyl Arms and a sturdy graphite frame. It utilizes Herman Miller's patented Kinemat tilt mechanism to allow a natural pivot to your neck, shoulders and feet. The chair is covered with unique and breathable fabric that redistributes your body heat and allows for proper air circulation to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day. The front edge of the chair takes pressure off your thighs to keep blood circulation constant, and it has a PostureFit mechanism that keeps your spine aligned to prevent back pain.
Steelcase Leap Fabric ChairThe Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair is a top selling ergonomic chair. It uses livelumbar technology that mirrors your movement for extra comfort. The Liveback feature mimics your spinal shape and conforms to it to make sure you sit comfortably throughout the day even for continuous and long hours. IT has a natural glide system that easily reclines and allows you to stretch out and sit in several positions without putting pressure on your spine. The Steelcase leap is 98 percent recyclable by weight and is made up of 30 percent recycled material.
Sayl Chair by Herman MillerThe Sayl Ergonomic Office Chair is another impressive Herman Miller product. The chair has an unfarmed 3D intelligent back that allows for constant posture changes and regular stretches, keeping you healthy while giving you freedom of movement. The suspension back has elastomer strands that vary in thickness and tension to give you extra comfort and spinal support when you sit for long hours. The Y-tower design is incredibly stylish and is bound to give your home or work office a sleek look. This chair is very reasonable priced, making it a steal considering its ergonomic design and lovely features.
Steelcase Gesture ChairThe Steelcase Gesture Chair is bound to give your office that extra professional touch while still being functional. It was specially designed for the regular worker bee using the latest state of the art technology. It has a seat depth of just over 18 inches and a 20 inch seat width. It works very well for any type of body posture and user size, and it has a 3D LiveBack feature that automatically adjusts to mirror your natural spinal movement for proper back support. The armrests provide you with proper arm placement and the seat has soft edges for extra comfort even when you move around and change postures.
Embody Chair by Herman MillerThe Herman Miller Embody Ergonomic Office Chair is an elegant chair for your work space, with a firm aluminium base and adjustable arms. The chair is great for your health if you sit for long hours in a day, since it is designed to stimulate blood and oxygen flow which helps maintain your focus. It has six ergonomic functions that works for a wide range of people with different needs. It is perfect for keeping back problems at bay since the frame minimizes spine compression and slows fluid loss from the discs. The chair has a light cover that allows for air circulation and keeps you cool and comfortable.
Haworth Zody chairThe Zody Chair by Haworth is a high performance chair that has amazing features that promote your working health and comfort. It has an ergonomic design that has been highly recommended for users who want to reduce back problem and who are going through physical therapy. It is the perfect chair if you sit at work for long hours throughout the day, and it has a design that seamlessly fit in with the rest of your office furniture. This chair gives you assymetric lumbar adjustments by providing personalized lower back support. It is made form 51 percent recycled materials which is perfect if you are passionate about environmental conservation.
Herman Miller Mirra 2The Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair is the perfect chair for your home and work office. The standard tilt fixed seat mirrors your movements to make you comfortable with every adjustment. It combines a fabril layer with polymer veins to create an ultra responsive butterfly back that has a unique hybrid structure that replicates a suspension membrane. The chair allows for lateral movements and regular stretching with its loop spine that gives you torsional flex. The harmonic 2 tilt gives you a smooth feel even when you recline it. The chair is perfect for any size due to the leaf spring design that gives you a constant balanced feel.
Humanscale Diffrient Smart office chairThe HumanScale Diffrient Smart Chair is one of the highest rated office chairs in your market. It has a stylish design that you can get in a wide range of colors to match your office decor. It also has an ergonomic design that works for different people with different needs and it automatically adjusts to your exact size and shape. The adjustable armrests are attached to the back of the chair for easier movement even when you recline. The backrest also pivots as you lean back and it adjusts to your spine to give you proper lumbar support.
HAG Capisco Puls 8010 ergonomic office chairThe Hag Capisco Chair has a very unique look. It has integrated cushion and an adjustable backrest making it extremely comfortable even when you change your posture and move around in the chair. The saddle seat is also adjustable to allow for more movement and the footbase is made of silver lacquered aluminium. The seat depth is 40-47 cm and it has a 46-56cm seat depth. This is a great chair if you suffer from constant back pain, and it has an ergonomic design for easy and comfortable use. The chair also has a firm steel and plastic build that is very durable.

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