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Sleep on Latex Pure GreenYou get three firmness levels with the Pure Green Topper from Sleep on Latex, that is; medium, soft and firm. The most popular is the soft model. This is great because depending on the mattress that you have, you can decrease the firmness by up to 30%. It is made from 100% natural Dunlop latex. Even without any flame retardants or chemicals it still ensures maximum cooling and breathability. it also gives you a completely different feel as you sleep and it is supportive and bouncy. You will feel an overall softer feel and you will never experience loss of support.
Mattress Pad With Fitted SkirtIf you are prone to allergies, you will agree that falling asleep at night can be a nightmare. The Matress Pad with Fitted Skirt will have you nodding off in no time. It may be thinner than other but it does a good job protecting you against bacteria, dust mites and allergens. It is the ideal mattress topper for asthma, allergies, kids and families with pets. The 2 cm actually does not seem like much but the additional layr makes all the difference. It will prolong the life of your mattress.
Silent Night Impress Memory FoamThe Silent Night Impress Memory Foam Mattress Topper is ideal for anyone suffering from occasional joint or back pain. This topper can make all the difference for them. If your mattress is pocket sprung then the Silent Night topper functions would be ideal as it works best with this type of base. As you sleep, the thick memory foam will mould into your shape and will therefore relieve pressure from the your muscles and give you a soothing night's sleep. This topper may take a little getting used to especially for first timers since it can feel quite firm.
Malouf Isolus 2-inch VentilatedIf you like the sinky, enveloping feel you get from memory foam, then the Malouf Isolus would be ideal for you. It is not luxuriously comfortable and dense and it will not last as long but it will serve you with a few years of additional padding on a mattress that is still supportive. It may not exactly transform your bed but it sure provides you with a good amount of cushioning. Cheaper toppers have major pitfalls that are hot, smelly and bottomed out onto the bed underneath. The Malouf Topper does not have these pitfalls.
Sleep Innovations 4-Inch Dual LayerSleep Innovations are manufacturers who take your comfort seriously. The design of the Dual Layer makes this clear. It is made from two separate layers. It has a great combination of the softness of fiber fill and the pressure support of memory foam. The base of the Sleep Innovations 4-inch Dual Layer is made of 2-inch memory foam. Painful pressure spots in your body will be relieved by cooling gel that is infused in the memory foam which gives you the support you need. To ensure softness, the top layer is fiber-filled and quilted.
Lucid 3-Inch Gel FoamLucid has a topper that offers 3 inches of comfortable support at a budget friendly price. This is the 3-inch Gel Foam Topper. The structure of the memory foam has several air pockets that ensure air will be able to move inside it. The formulation of this foam is to ensure optimal ventilation which is further infused with gel that assists when it comes to regulating sleeping temperature. This means you will be cool and comfortable all night long. The memory foam has excellent pressure relief and it molds into your body shape then bounces back into shape after you wake up in the morning.
Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Topper SupremeIf your mattress is supportive but too firm and you are looking for a long term solution to soften it, then the Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Topper Supreme would be ideal for you if you like how memory foam gives you an enveloping feeling. The denser is soft but also dense and is not likely to bottom out under the weight of your body. When compared to other toppers, this one feels more luxurious. Your body will be perfectly cradled by the heavy dense foam it is made from. It actually offers more cushioning than the rest. You will get a queen size for $400. And if you need a quick fix then this is not the topper for you.
Eve The Mattress TopperThe design of the Eve mattress topper is to add a layer of comfort to your mattress that is luxurious. It is extremely comfortable but this is not its standout feature. That would be how it provides a generous helping of support as well unlike several other mattress toppers. 5 cm of this topper is made from the same exact foam that is found in the company's original mattress. You will find a 3 cm base foam layer and a 2 cm open cell comfort layer to provide increased support. Your mattress is hugged at both ends by straps that come with the topper, so as you sleep it will stay firmly in position.
John Lewis Hungarian Goose Down Mattress TopperThe Hungarian Goose Down is ideal for anyone looking for a mattress topper to keep them warm and snuggly when winter comes around. It is supportive and extremely soft. It will assist you in prolonging the life of your mattress while still giving you the benefit of additional comfort. It has adjustable buttons which means you can loosen it or tighten it. If you like a firmer mattress then you can have it nice and taught but if you prefer a softer sleeping foundation then you can have it looser. The top layer is machine washable and easily removable.
Parachute Down Alternative Feather BedIf you have a still-supportive mattress and just require a soft layer of extra cushioning then the Parachute Down Alternative Feather Bed is the ideal topper for you. If you have no need for added pressure-point relief and just prefer sinking into a pillow top as opposed to foam then you should try this topper. It will feel fluffy and airy and will give you the sensation of lying on a soft but thin pillow. Out of all the toppers ever tested, this is one of the loftiest and most fiber-filled ones. It was even compared with feather and wool models that were surprisingly more costly.

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