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Logitech Touch Lapdesk N600Keep your laptop cool and your laps protected while using your laptop with the Logitech Touch Lapdesk N600. This cooling pad features a 5-inch built-in multi-touch touchpad that enables you to surf the web smoothly and seamlessly. One of its key selling points is that it is cordless so you can easily plug it into your laptop without any cables getting in your way. It is also extremely portable and convenient as it retracts inside your lap desk. It was designed for laptops with a display of up to 16 inches.
Opolar LC05 Laptop CoolerOpolar LC05 Laptop Cooler is a powerful and fast laptop cooler that has the ability to reduce your laptop's surface as well as internal heat by 18 to 50 F degrees within minutes. It is flexible and can operate laptops with air events on both sides or rear. You can adjust the airflow either automatically or manually with 13 speeds available. The best part is that this laptop cooler operates quietly so you can work or watch in peace without any disruptions. It is easy to install and perfect for gaming laptops or systems that tax the CPU.
Vanble Portable Chill MatDesigned for 15.6 to 17 inches laptops, the Vanble Portable Chill Mat ensures that your laptop operates at cooler temperatures preserving its service life. It is well built with metal mesh across the top and comes with two 160mm fans with blue LEDs that work quietly, creating an interference-free environment. For your comfort, the cooling pad has two level adjustable height settings. It also has dual USB ports allowing you to connect other devices plus there is one USB cable included. The chill mat is also easy to carry along wherever you go thanks to its slim and lightweight design.
Kootek Laptop Cooling PadKootek Laptop Cooling Pad is a durable and quiet laptop cooler that offers convenience and delivers top-notch performance. The cooler features 5 built-in fans with blue LED lights that include 4 small ones each measuring 2.76 inches and 1 large fan measuring 5.9 inches. In case you want to increase the airflow, you can easily adjust the fan settings, furthermore it also includes 2 on/off switches that enable you to control the 5 fans and the LEDs at the same time. With a dual USB hub port, connect more USB devices and an ergonomic stand with 6 adjustable height settings ensures your comfort no matter the task being performed.
Cooler Master NotePal X3Are you looking for a for an annoying overheating problem? The Cooler Master NotePal X3 just might be the perfect answer. It features a 200mm fan equipped with a blue LED light that rapidly reduces the amount of heat produced by your laptop. It also has a sturdy construction, providing your laptop with enough support. Your hands also benefit from this cooler as it has a front vent that releases a smooth breeze that keeps your hands cool and dry which is especially handy when you're under pressure. There's a built-in speed controller that adjust your fan's speed and two different height settings that ensure your comfort always.

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