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Orion 10014 SkyQuest XT4.5 Classic Dobsonian TelescopeThe Orion 10014 SkyQuest XT4.5 Classic Dobsonian Telescope is a perfect piece of equipment for exploring the universe to stargaze to your heart's content. The telescope is innovatively designed, has two eyepieces that include a 25mm and 10mm focal length Sirius Plossl, 6x30 finder scope, 1.25-inch rack and pinion focuser, collimation cap and eyepiece rack. Whether you are a novice or more adept astrology lover, this telescope is easy to handle and well packaged in an enamel steel tube that is user friendly. With this telescope, the solar system and Milky Way become visual reality because the telescope's primary mirror pulls in 260% more starlight, giving you a magical experience.
Celestron 127 EQ PowerSeekerCelestron 127 EQ PowerSeeker provides value for your money with its quality build, amazing features, ease of use and power. It is especially designed for beginners and is also ideal for families, promising durability so you can enjoy using it for years to come. This telescope gives you a flexible viewing range as it comes with two eyepieces that include a 20mm and 40mm as well as a 3x Barlow lens that boosts the power of each eyepiece, allowing you to view a wider range of celestial objects. It is also lightweight and compact making it your ideal companion for family camping trips and other night outdoor activities.
Celestron NexStar 127 SLTIf you're a novice and are looking for a high quality telescope that will make your stargazing experience an amazing one every single time, then the Celestron NexStar 127 SLT is the one for you. One of the main selling points of this telescope is how user friendly it is as it is computerized so you can easily learn how to operate it and start stargazing in no time. It features a StarPointer finderscope that makes alignment easier and helps you find objects precisely. It also has an auxiliary port that allows you to add accessories such as GPS. It is also very mobile due to its compact size.
Meade StarNavigator 102 with AudioStarEnjoy navigating through space with the Meade StarNavigator 102 with AudioStar. The Audiostar computer controller is loaded with more than 30,000 celestial objects and more than 4 hours of audio clips that play as you observe, enabling you to acquire knowledge of whatever you're looking at. It is also easy to operate and carry around with a lightweight robotic mount. No need to worry about mechanical malfunctions as the telescope comes with a sturdy tripod that's made out of aluminum allowing you to adjust the height to your liking so you can get lost and fully enjoy touring through space.
Orion SpaceProbe II 76-mm NewtonianOrion SpaceProbe II 76-mm Newtonian, is an affordable, compact and user-friendly telescope that is especially suitable for first timers wanting to explore outer space. It is a classic Newtonian optical-path design, with two regular sized eyepieces for greater magnification, a smooth focuser and an intuitive altitude/azimuth that is up/down and left/right mount. Despite its small size, it provides a view of up to 20 galaxies. The Newtonian's 76mm aperture reflector telescope is large enough for wonderful views of the moon, rings of Saturn, moons orbiting Jupiter, and even some brighter nebulas, making this the perfect telescope to watch the solar system and check out the planets in more detail.

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