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Bowflex PR3000 Home GymThis system not only fits the compact requirement, but it does it in a very elegant way. PR3000 comes with a good selection of rods, which makes it a pretty challenging machine in general. This models rates as one of the top models in the market and that is mostly because it is not a part of the frame. Instead, you can simply remove it and use the machine while standing. That saves a whole lot of space if you do it right. On top of that, you’re definitely not missing out on any exercises. Bowflex offers a great selection of workouts you can do while standing.
Bowflex PR1000The Bowflex PR1000 is an all rounded home gym that offers upto thirty exercises for different body muscles. It comes with an adjustable resistance which ranges from 5lb to 210lb and has a horizontal bench press which is different from other bowflex models. The multipurpose hand grip promotes malleability when working out. It is also equipped with an upper, mid-level and lower pulleys which enable work out for any body part. This is the best power rod home gym in this categoy.
Weider Ultimate Body WorksThe Weider Ultimate Body Works represents the absolute cheapest and most compact home gym you can find these days. Sure, it looks pretty minimalist in all kinds of ways, but it performs. After all, that is what matters the most. What we were mostly interested in was the quality of the frame. Due to the nature of this design, frame being fine meant that the entire rig is good to go. That is exactly what happened. If you need something simple, light and very affordable, this might be your best bet.
Marcy MWM 990 Home GymOnce you start looking at the more traditional machines, you will start seeing models such as Marcy MWM 990. The whole idea behind this particular model was pretty simple. Marcy wanted to build something that is reliable, robust and capable of delivering consistent performance on a daily basis. Although it may look like your average budget home gym, this model offers significant improvements. By that we mean the 150 lbs shielded stack, a well padded seat and a pretty high build quality. In other words, everything on this machine runs extremely smooth. Selecting weights is easy and works reliably thanks to a simple yet functional push pin system.
Marcy Diamond Smith Cage Home Gym SystemThis particular home gym takes the standard design and builds upon it quite considerably. So much so that you could hardly recognize it. The main changes you will notice is the squat rack. Marcy has actually included a real squat rack on one side, and a controlled incline bench press on the other. All of that sits on top of the already standard chest press and upper pulley assembly. The coolest thing about this particular design is the fact that the bench isn’t a fixed part of the system. Instead, you can remove it and use machine as an impromptu squat station.
Body-Solid EXM3000LPS Light Commercial Gym One pricier model to check out is the Body-Solid Light Commercial Gym. Not one, not two, but three people can use the equipment simultaneously. The unit features two 210-lb. weight stacks, a bench press, incline press, low row station, and more. On top of that, plush features like high-density DuraFirm seat pads that are contoured for lumbar support make this home gym exceptionally comfortable to use. People who own the Body-Solid gym say that it’s well worth the money. They rave about the quality, saying that the home gym works just as well as the exercise machines they’ve used at health clubs.
TRX Training Home Gym BundleThe TRX Training Home Gym Bundle is suitable for all levels of at-home athletes, whether you’re training for a marathon or just starting out on your fitness journey. With minimal set-up required, the TRX system is incredibly easy to use, and comes already included with everything you need to engage your whole body: the TRX Home Suspension Trainer, two anchoring solutions and six free workouts delivered straight to your phone. Users rave about being able to do over 300 exercises using the TRX system, in whatever environment they so choose.
Gold's Gym XRS 50 Home GymGold’s Gym XRS 50 home gym is one of the most affordable models we are comfortable suggesting. Since Gold’s Gym shares a single frame design between various models, you are pretty much getting a platform that has already been proven numerous times. That eliminates one major risk out of the equation. Gold’s Gym has decided to put 112 lbs weights stack on this bad boy, which makes it quite competitive all things considered. While it may not be all too challenging for the most advanced users, those 112 lbs of true weight are more than enough to get a novice going and keep an intermediate user occupied for a while.
Marcy Free Weight Strength Training Home GymThis gym is particularly interesting despite it being quite standard in most aspects. Marcy has done a lot towards reducing the cost of this unit, which makes it one of the more affordable models out there. More importantly, they have introduced a whole new layer of versatility with this model. Instead of forcing a stack of vinyl weights on you, which most likely wouldn’t go past 100 or so lbs, they have decided to ditch the stack altogether. Instead, you have Olympic plate friendly racks where you can find any plate that has a 2″ hole on it.
Xtreme Power US MultifunctionThe Xtremepower US is a highly recommended home gym for people who enjoy lifting weights. It can be customized to fit an individual's weight and lift needs. It has 100lbs weight stack and comes with lateral bars which are necessary for pull ups, pull downs and pull overs for different kinds of body muscles. It is also equipped with an adjustable bicep pad and the gym is very stable. This home gym is a bit more traditional than other gyms on this list and it is also very affordable.

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