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Bowflex PR1000
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Marcy 150lb
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Bowflex PR1000The Bowflex PR1000 is an all rounded home gym that offers upto thirty exercises for different body muscles. It comes with an adjustable resistance which ranges from 5lb to 210lb and has a horizontal bench press which is different from other bowflex models. The multipurpose hand grip promotes malleability when working out. It is also equipped with an upper, mid-level and lower pulleys which enable work out for any body part. This is the best power rod home gym in this categoy.
Weider Ultimate Body WorkThis machine offers upto one hundred different workouts for different parts of the body. It is equipped with an adjustable, inclined bench which is used to increase or decrease weight tension during workouts. The cables and pulleys let you work out without restriction while reducing the chances for injury. You can increase the resistance upto 50lb using the four resistant bands that it comes with. It's wheels make it easily portable and it can be folded which is convenient for storage. It is easy to assemble and comes with a squat stand and exercise chart.
Marcy 150lbThe Marcy 150lb Home Gym is an affordable choice that is recommended for beginners. It is made of steel tubing which makes it very stable and long lasting. It is equipped with features such, a safety lock to prevent unauthorized people from accessing it, removable curl pads and seats with extra cushion which make it very comfortable to use. It is convenient for ab crunches, chest press, tricep extensions, bicep curls and rows. However, if you are a heavy weight lifter, this may not be the best choice for you.
Marcy Olympic StrengthThis home gym is designed with an adjustable bar catch that comes in handy when you want to move from bench press to squats. It is made up of high grade steel which is important for durability and has high and low pulleys that give room for different kinds of body and muscle exercises . The Marcy Olympic has weight plate shelves that can be used to store and provide easy access of dumbells and kettle weights. It is also equipped with dip handles and it is a suitable choice for people who enjoy lifting weights .
Body Solid Home GymThe Body Solid Home Gym is an amazing choice for leg extensions, leg curls, ab crunches and chest press. The frame is made from steel and the seats have extra padding. The seats are also equipped with lumbar support to increase safety. It has high, mid and low pulley stations which are necessary for increasing shoulder strength, setting apart stomach and oblique muscles and building your back muscles for correct posture. It is also equipped with a leg extension which enables you to gain knee strength while working out.
Gold's Gym SystemThis machine is constructed with quality steel tubes which make it durable and effective. It is very flexible and it comes with vinyl weights. It is equipped with padded upper and lower pulleys which are convenient for full body workouts. It is also accompanied with a four foam leg developer which is necessary for leg extensions and leg curls.The combination of the chest press and fly station allow you to comfortably work out your bicep and tricep muscles.
Xtreme Power US MultifunctionThe Xtremepower US is a highly recommended home gym for people who enjoy lifting weights. It can be customized to fit an individual's weight and lift needs. It has 100lbs weight stack and comes with lateral bars which are necessary for pull ups, pull downs and pull overs for different kinds of body muscles. It is also equipped with an adjustable bicep pad and the gym is very stable. This home gym is a bit more traditional than other gyms on this list and it is also very affordable.
Body Solid GLGS100Body Solid GLGS100 is an unconventional commercial machine with four stations where you can perform a number of exercises. It has a wide radius that provides room for up and down movements when exercising the arms and chest. It gives you control over the weight that you are lifting thanks to the 2-inch olympic plates. It also comes with an adjustable knee lockdown which is convenient when doing pull downs.This machine does not have a bench so it can only be used while standing, however, the lack of a bench gives it a more upright layout.

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