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8.1byone Urban AntennaThe byone Digital Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna is on of the latest releases from this year. This antenna gives you access to a lifetime of free 4K HD channels and utilizes smart technology to reach signals that may have been weakened by obstruction. It also has a built in 4G LTE filtration system that purifies your signal even further giving you better picture quality. The antenna itself has a super lightweight and ultra thin build, and is very easy to instal and set up. The thin size lets the antenna seamlessly blend in with your decor, whether you decide to mount it on a wall or lay it on a surface.
ClearStream 2MAX HDTV AntennaThe ClearStream 2V Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna is stylish enough to fit into any part of your home while giving you access to a wide range of channels. It is one of the best performing antennas within a 60 mile category, and it allows you to watch free TV from a range of networks in full HD quality. It has dedicated UHF and VHF multi directional elements that work to deliver a range and reception in locations where signal quality would not be well transmitted. The Clearstream 2V includes a 20 inch mount for easy instalment and all-weather mounting hardware to maintain its durability.
Mohu Leaf MetroThe Mohu Leaf Metro TV Antenna is perfect if you are looking for a small antenna that won't disrupt the interior design of your home. It is paper thing with a reversible cover that you can paint over for a more personalized look. It has a 25 mile range to give you access to free channels and a 10 foot detachable cable if you want to extend your antenna for a stronger signal. The reception is totally dependent on location, though it comes with a VHF/UHF feature to capture signals in areas with challenging terrain and foliage.
ClearStream MicronThe ClearStream Micron is an amplified antenna that manages to pick up more channels than most HDTV antenna. Surprisingly, the Micron has a smaller signal-searching radius, at 30 miles. Even so, it can receive 26 channels and 39 when in the suburbs. Most of the channels have good signal quality. The antenna’s design isn’t particularly graceful. It’s made of hard plastic with feet that are supposed to slide into groves along the back of the antenna’s body, but the feet don’t attach well and fall when you pick up the device. Its attached cord is nine feet long, leaving a little room to maneuver to find the best placement.
Mohu ReLeaf HDTV AntennaThe Mohu ReLeaf Indoor TV Antenna is a potential personal favorite if you prefer using recycled materials for environmental impact. It has an impressive 30 mile range that gives you access to a range channels at absolutely no cost for an unlimited amount of time. It lets you access HD Over-The-Air TV channels without a paid subscription. The antenna comes with a detachable 10 foot coaxial cable if you want to search for a stronger signal, and it is also multidirectional and reversible so you can pick a side that blends in with your wall paint.
AmazonBasics Ultra-Thin AntennaAmazonBasics Ultra-Thin Antenna is ideal if you're looking for a cheaper alternative to cable. The indoor antenna delivers great reception with a range of up to 50 miles and performs just as well as other flat antennas. It is small in size and easy to install anywhere. Are you worried about the antenna throwing off your decorative scheme? Don't fret, it comes in white on one side and black on the other side and you can also paint it to suit your style. It includes a 16-foot coaxial cable that can readily be connected to your HDTV. Once connected and mounted, scan for channels and enjoy Full 1080p HD quality.
Mohu Curve 50 AmplifiedThe Mohu Curve 50 TV Indoor Antenna has an ultra modern design and a 50 mile range that will provide you with HDTV channels in clear picture quality at no cost for unlimited time. It comes with 16 feet high performance cable to help you capture the best signal strength, and the antenna itself is pretty easy to set up whether you decide to mount it on the wall or place it on its stand. The antenna is also enabled with VHF and UHF so you can capture signals in locations where signal strength is obstructed by challenging terrain
Winegard Elite 7550 Outdoor HDTV AntennaThe Winegard Elite Outdoor HDTV Antenna is an affordable antenna that is optimized for dual VHF and UHF reception which makes it ideal for locations where signal strength is constantly tricky. It has a 70 mile range that gives you access to a range of HD channels and a digital amplifier to ensure you get the best performance out of your antenna. The Winegard elite comes with a three inch USB power cable with a 110V adapter and a mounting bracket for installation. The antenna also has the ability to connect to multiple TVs at once.

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