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Auto Floor Guard Containment MatThe AutoFloorGuard MidSize Containment Mat is one of the latest released floor mats that comes highly recommended by many garage owners. The mat has been upgraded with heavy duty fabric and stay put corners that make sure it stays in place once installed. The mat is incredibly durable while still working hard to protect your garage floor from damage caused by water, snow and dirt. It is very easy to install due to its portable weight, and it needs no assembling. The mat is also very easy to clean, and even comes with a free squeegee head in the package.
AutoFloorGuard Heavy Duty Containment MatThe AutoFloorGuard Compact Size Containment mat is a great garage mat if you are looking to protect your floors on a long term basis. The mat has new stay put corners to prevent it from slipping and moving around once it has been installed and it comes with a free squeegee which is a great plus if you like keeping your mats clean. It is super durable, made with heavy duty polyester commercial grade fabric. It has a large in-built closed cell foam containment edge to give your garage floors extra protection. The installation process is very simple, since you only need to roll out the ready to use mat.
Performance Tool W88989 Protective Interlocking Floor MatThe Performance Tool Protective Diamond Shape garage floor mat is one to beat when it comes to durability and functionality. The anti- fatigue interlocking floor mat lets you easily combine a mat to several others, depending on how much garage space you need to cover. It guarantees protection over your garage floors from any water, snow or dirt damage, while still being water resistant and very easy to clean. The mat is 12mm thick, and the package comes with 6 interlocking 2 feet by 2 feet mats that cover 24 square feet in total. This mat works very well for your garage floor at home, and you can also buy it for alternative industrial use.
Maxsa Park Right Black Parking Mat 37358The Maxsa Innovations Parking Mat Black is one of the most ideal parking mats you can get. It has a built in drip tray that stops water, snow and dirt from damaging your garage floor. It also has a reflective strip so you can easily see it when parking your car at night or in dim lighting. The mat is 11 inches wide and 21.5 inches long which is perfect if you have a passenger vehicle and it also has anti skid tape that prevents it from moving around and slipping when in use. It is very easy to install by using the corner holes for a hard mount.
Highland 9242200 Park Right Parking MatThe Highland Park Right Parking Mat is a good looking garage floor mat that is very easy to use. The mat is perfect for a users who are still mastering their parking skills, as it is designed to position the vehicle in a precise spot to help maximize garage space and prevent damage to other cars and items within the space. It is constructed from durable recycled rubber to last long periods of time, and has an anti-skid design to keep it and the car in place. The mat is sizeable enough to fit a passenger car, truck or SUV
Rubber-Cal Diamond PlateThe Rubber-Cal Diamond Plate Rubber Flooring Rolls have a very unique and quality feel to them. These are ideal for heavy duty protection and the mats can be used in a home garage or more industrial garage setting. They are sold in a variety of 8 lengths for you to choose from, and they work very well in both indoor and outdoor settings, doubling up for additional use on a walkway or slippery path. The rubber runners are easily installed with a double sided adhesive and it has a very tough build making it one of the longest lasting garage floor mat options you can buy.
G-Floor Slate Gray Ribbed Garage Floor MatThe G-Floor Ribbed Slate Grey garage floor mat is made of polyvinyl material and has a base thickness of 1/16 inches, which becomes 1.18 inches when you include the rib feature. The mat is very easy to move around and install, and you can use carpet tape to join mats together if you want to work with a larger space. This mat is perfect for protecting your garage floors, and the durable material makes sure you keep the mat around for years to come. They are particularly great for rain and snow collection, and they easily roll and flatten out especially if you live in a warm environment.

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