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Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S One of the most distinctive gaming desks in the market is the Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S, along each side it has blue USB powered LEDs and checkered flag decals. The tabletop is 44.5 inches, it has a sleek carbon-fiber texture. It has enough space to fit two monitors. The design has a stand that can hold multiple game controllers, a headphone hook, a cup holder and a large mouse-pad that can fit your mouse and keyboard as well. You get a rock-solid gaming experience with sturdy Z-shaped aluminum legs that on the bottom has four leveling feet.
Z-line BelaireWith a large, stunning L-shape design, the Z-line Belaire is an ideal choice for gamers. The top is made from tampered glass that does not easily break and even if it does, it will not hurt you since it breaks into large pieces. This model weighs only 96 pounds and it is equipped with a keyboard tray that can slide in and out. You can use a number of monitors on this desk thanks to the L-shape design. Furthermore, it comes at an affordable price. Now, the glass top should not be a source of concern since this desk comes with a lifetime warranty meaning the company will replace it provided, you did not play any role in the breakage.
Atlantic 33950212The Atlantic 33950212 is a gaming desk designed with gamers in mind. You can accommodate almost any equipment you can think of with the desk's wide variety stands, trays and holders. For all-important hydration, you have a cup holder and a hook for hanging your headphones. Your screen can be elevated up to 32 inches in size by the monitor raiser. The stands on each side can house your speakers. For your phone and tablet, there is a charging stand. You also have a holder to place your game controllers. The desk has a power strip holder and underneath the tabletop, a storage tray.
Techni Mobili DeluxeThe Techni Mobili Deluxe is a black and silver desk with a sturdy metallic frame that is both scratch-resistant and moisture-resistant to increase its durability. The personalization of this desk allows you to use the keyboard tray on the left or right and you can use it as a separate desk. The top is made of glass and it is a little larger than most desks on this list. It has a decent design with an open back for sufficient airflow from the computer tower and cable management is easier with the two cable holes on both sides.
Seville Classics AIRLIFT S3 The Seville Classics Airlift S3 gives you enough room to place three monitors on the desktop. The electronic lift built into it is the selling point of the Airlift S3.The height of the desk can be adjusted by raising or lowering it to a maximum height of 51.4 inches. When you want to change position from sitting in front of your monitor to standing, there is a control panel on the underside of the desk and you just have to push a single button. You will not fumble as there are memory buttons built into the control pad.
Arozzi Arena Gaming DeskOne of the wider desktops available in the market today is the Arozzi Arena, it will give you lots of space for your gear. You can have three of your monitors side by side on the desktop. This is ideal for anyone who fancies combining multiple monitors. The design of the Arozzi Arena is stylish and sleek. It offers a variety of colors to choose from. Its length is 63 inches and it has a 176 pound load rating so it can easily hold up the three monitors. You will not run out of space for your mouse, keyboard and other accessories with its 32 inch depth.
Zinus Modern Studio CollectionIf you are not interested in all the add-on features that come with many gaming desks in the market, like clip-on cup holders and other aspects, then the Zinus Modern Studio Collection is the desk for you. It is as simple as it comes, a clean well-built desk. It is a quality table top, simple and beautifully built. It does not have elevated stands for monitors or drawers for keyboards. You can adjust the desk to suit your specific needs. Zinus Modern's design is as solid as it comes with a beautiful finish and a steel frame. You get an option of three colors; white, natural and espresso.
Origami Foldable Computer DeskSometimes it is not practical to have a big and heavy gaming desk, especially if you are tight on space or are in short-term accommodation. If you feel this way then the Origami Foldable computer desk is ideal for you. You will only need less than ten minutes to assemble and disassemble the desk. You can move it around with ease. When folded down, it has a height of only 6.25 inches and can be stored under a bed or even up against a wall when not in use. This desk is reasonably sturdy despite its portability. The table top can hold up to 100 pounds of weight.
Belmac 3-Piece Corner C Frame L Shaped The Belmac 3-piece Corner C Frame L Shaped computer desk is made with sturdier material and is able to support more weight than many other desks in its price range. It is possible to set up two computer systems with the three-piece corner design. You can even have one side for your gaming setup and the other side designed as a writing section. There is a lower indentation for a mouse and keyboard under where the computer monitor is placed. This design has the mouse and keyboard nearer to the middle of your chest and the screen closer to eye level. This does great for your posture.
Bestar Hampton Corner WorkstationThe Bestart Hampton Corner Workstation offers multiple levels. For your keyboard and mouse, you have an underdesk pull-out and for your monitor you get an elevated surface. The elevated monitor's display lets you put up two monitors. You have plenty of space to hide away your controllers with the closed cabinet on the side of the desk. If you add openings into the cabinet's back, then you will be able to run cables to your powers source. This Workstation gives you plenty of space to move your computer chair around. It is an ideal desk for gaming and also for general work.

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