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EuroMini Zizzo
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Dahon Speed Uno
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EuroMini ZizzoThe Euromini Zizzo is a great bike with an easy folding mechanism that reduces it to two feet by three feet for easy transportation. It weighs only 24 pounds and it is convenient for city commutes as well as hilly terrain in the countryside. The bike is made from a lightweight aluminium frame that gives it an attractive design. In addition, you can adjust it to eight different speeds and the height is also flexible so you can comfortably enjoy your rides. This is definitely one of the best bikes in the market that is suitable for different tasks.
Retrospec Bicycles SpeckAvailable in six colours including glossy white, matte coral, matte black, graphite, cream and matte navy, the Retrospec Bicycle Speck is an amazing bike with an attractive design. The high-quality features on this bike ensure that the cyclist gets a comfortable and smooth ride. It is easy to fold the bike for storage or transportation and the small size enables it to conveniently fit in an RV, car, or boat. It is equally easy to unfold the bike and it works on a variety of terrain. Finally, it is suitable for riders who are between 4.8-inches tall and 6.6-inches and can carry a maximum weight of 240 lbs.
Schwinn 14 Hinge Folding BikeThe Schwinn 14 Hinge Folding Bike is the best cycling option for adept cyclists on the go. You won't have to worry about exorbitant cost, rough terrain, traffic or storage. The bike has a strong steel frame, 20 inches alloy wheels, a folding pedal and a customized pedal for quick storage, folding down to 30x32x11 inches. Apart from all these technical aspects, the Schwinn 14 Hinge Folding Bike still gives you a classic design equipped with a 1-speed drivetrain that allows you to cruise when your energy levels are down. Best of all, it has full wrap fenders built to ensure dirt doesn't get you. This is a real bargain!
Montague Paratrooper 18Consider the Montague Paratrooper 18 if you are in the market for a powerful non-electric bike. This mountain bike was designed to handle plane jumps for military purposes. It unfolds in only 30 seconds, has mechanical disc brakes on the front and rear and best of all, it has eighteen adjustable speeds. This is a favoured option among commuters since it can handle almost all types of terrain. It is a good choice that is suitable for use by both pros and amateurs who are trying to find an alternative means of transport. With all these features, what more can you ask for?
Dahon Speed UnoMade in China, Dahon bikes are not a new name in the cycling world. They are made with high-quality materials and this particular model is not an exception. Moreover, the quality is extended to the features that ensure you enjoy your ride. Designed for city commutes, this bike easily folds down and it is light enough for you to carry on the train. It can carry a maximum weight of 230 pounds and all you have to do is peddle backwards to activate the rear coaster brakes. This bike is a simple alternative that is worth every penny.

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