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Wen 6369
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Festool 571935
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Porter-Cable 7800 Electric Drywall SanderYour projects will be faster with the Porter-Cable 7800 Electric Drywall Sander. Weighing in at 8.5 lbs., it is light and easy to operate. It features a 13-foot vacuum hose that is easy to attach to a dust collector and is very efficient in minimizing dust, in the event you don't cover nearby furniture with plastic sheets, you wouldn't have a big mess to clean. It also offers variable speeds ranging from 1400 to 2000 RPM helping you achieve that professional finish. With hook-and-loop straps mounting and handling is even easier. Due to its ease of use, both beginners and professionals find this drywall sander valuable.
Power Pro 2100 Electric Drywall SanderThe Power Pro 2100 Electric Drywall Sander is a uniquely designed, highly versatile machine that can extend up to 5.5 feet. It is suitable for both professionals and DIYers who want to spruce up their homes. It features a distinctive head that can move in all directions unlike your regular vacuum and is equipped with a 6 speed motor ranging from 1000 to 2100 RPM that requires 710 watts of power. It is lightweight with a aluminum and hard plastic body making it easy to operate even when working on ceilings. Added benefits include a fixed in bag for easy cleaning up.
ALEKO 690E Electric Variable Drywall SanderThe Aleko 690E Electric Variable Drywall Sander is a fairly priced tool that comes with 9-inch sanding discs to enable you cover a wide surface area including ceilings, and is powered by the telescopic feature on the handle. It particularly comes in handy for those home upgrades you have been wishing for but thought would be too expensive. You will need to glove up in order to do over your walls with ease. Although the machine may be a bit too heavy to operate efficiently while working on the ceilings, the results you get will be nothing short of amazing.
Wen 6369The Wen 6369 is a budget drywall sander that does not compromise on performance. It is equipped with a 15-foot hose, a variable speed head that can rotate in 360-degrees, easy to change sandpaper and it can easily be folded for transportation. In addition, it comes with a number of sanding disks. It is a convenient choice for DIY projects but it is not a recommended choice for professionals since it is unstable.
Festool 571935The Festool is an efficient and long-lasting drywall sander with high-quality features. It is small and light making it easily portable and it has a removable section on the head that comes in handy when working on those inaccessible edges. This sander also has variable speed settings with easy to use features. Furthermore, it is a brushless motor that comes with a carry bag. The only downsides of this machine include the hefty price tag and the lack of a hose.

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