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Ryze TelloNot only is the Ryze Tello a source of fun but it doubles as an educational tool. This drone is ideal for families allowing both kids and adults to have a fun flying experience. It has a reliable battery that provides 13 minutes of flight time. Just by tapping the screen, you can control the drone and switch between different settings to perform awesome tricks thanks to the flight controller powered by DJI. The drone features a high-quality image processor enabling you to capture impressive photos and video. The Ryze Tello also supports Scratch, a mobile programming app allowing you to drag coding blocks in order to direct movement.
DJI Mavic 2 ProThe DJI Mavic 2 Pro is an upgrade from the previous Mavic Air and it has improved software as well as a gimbal-stabilized Hasselbald camera that takes clear, bright and detailed images. This drone includes a CMOS sensor and has incorporated new modes for taking videos and images such as hyperlapse for incredible video quality. The only downside to this drone is the expensive price tag which is definitely worth it if you consider the improvements on this device.
DJI Mavic 2 ZoomThe Mavic Zoom forfeits image resolution and uses a 2x optical zoom instead, with a focal length of 24-48mm. This is different from the Mavic Pro which has a Hasselblad camera with a one-inch sensor. When you are shooting a video with the Zoom, you will get 4K quality at up to 30 frames per second and 1080p at up to 120 frames per second. It would be a better option for a buyer more interested in capturing videos than stills. The zoom facility works well when you want to take shots of animals without scaring them off. It is much cheaper than the pro but shares the same flying characteristics.
DJI Phantom 4 ProPhantom Pro's design is aerodynamic. A three sided obstacle avoidance feature makes it a bit easier to fly. You get a top speed of 45 miles per hour. It can fly away from you for up to a distance of 4.2 miles. The battery gives you 30 minutes of flight time. It has an ActiveTrack feature that can track you while you're doing other activities, even skiing. You can control it using a smartphone. On the app, pressing the TapFly button will send it in your preferred direction and it will avoid obstacles along the way. You can also control it with its remote controller which has a bright 5.5 inch screen.
Parrot Bebop 2The Parrot Bebop has some impressive features for its price. it is equipped with GPS that makes it very easy to fly. To control it, you can use an android or IOS device, or even a Skycontroller tablet dock. It does not require a gimbal because it has a stabilization software. The design of the chassis is also quite intelligent, in-flight vibration is reduced by rubber dampeners. The battery will give you 25 minutes of charge. In case the drone comes into contact with an obstacle, there is an emergency cut-out feature that will stop the rotors which will help in prolonging its life.
Parrot AnafiThe Parrot Anafi is small but impressive. It can take photos directly upwards with its 180 degree of vertical range. It is an ideal drone for selfie fans. It features a follow me mode that can track your movements and can automatically adjust to take shots from better angles. A SmartDronies mode has the drone flying around you in circles. A downside is that it lacks obstacle avoidance technology. The battery life gives you 25 minutes of flight time. With a Sony sensor, it captures 21 mp photos and 4096 x 2180 videos with HDR.
DJI SparkThe DJI Spark is fun to use with its impressive gesture controls and body shells of different colors. It does not come with a controller but it can be bought separate, you can easily control it using your smartphone. It is small and easy to carry around but because of this, the wind affects it during flight. It is easy to use as it features front obstacle avoidance sensors. It is quite tough and can withstand a couple of bumps and bruises. The camera can capture 12 mp photos and 1080p videos. The battery life gives you 16 minutes of flight time.
Zerotech DobbyThis is one of the cheapest and smallest drones, yet surprisingly powerful. A disadvantage of its small size and weight is it does not operate well in a windy environment. You can control it using a smartphone application. You can perform palm take-offs and landings because it has audio and visual sensors on its underside. You can also control it with your voice. The battery life gives you between five to ten minutes of flight time. With Wi-fi, it can fly up to 100 meters away. You can shoot 13 mp photos and 4K videos with Dobby.
DJI Inspire 2The Inspire 2 features object avoidance technology. Its sleek bodywork that is made of carbon fiber and magnesium will not be damaged by bumping into trees. The battery has a twin-battery arrangement that will give you 25 minutes of flight time. Professionals are able to have complete control over their shots because they have the ability to swap camera lenses. You can record 5K videos as well. To control the drone, you can use a remote control or an app on your smartphone. It is quite heavy to carry around in a bag, it weighs 4.25 kgs.
DJI Mavic AirWith the ability to track a mobile target, boomerang around them and take spherical video, the Mavic Air is a compact, foldable drone that can fit in your pocket but it does not compromise on performance. It takes stable 4K videos at 60 frames per second with a 21-minute battery life. It is also a fast drone that can take selfies. The only downside of this drone is the low battery life that may not be sufficient for most people. All in all, this is a suitable choice for beginners and hobbyists since it is also very easy to use.

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