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Expawlorer Big Dog HarnessThe Expawlorer is available in six colours and it is designed for bigger breeds with a chest girth between 20 and 46 inches. It is a lon-lasting option that is made from metal and breathable fabric. The handles are padded for comfort and it has a metal D-ring that ensures the back is firm while the breathable fabric ensures the dog gets enough circulation. Moreover, it has a reflective strap that comes in handy for visibility especially at night. However, it is not recommended if your dog is a puller or for long distance walks.
JUXZH Truelove Soft Front Dog HarnessJuxzh Truelove is a hassle-free harness that is easy to slide onto your dog. It allows for a custom fit since it is adjustable, giving a snug and secure fit. It is suitable for both walking and running even when hunting or training. The harness has two, front and back, metal leash attachments that give you better control. The material is very soft and breathable, ensuring comfort for your pet. For visibility at night, it has reflective straps with nylon webbing to keep your dog safe. An addition to safety is a handle that lets you easily attach a seatbelt in the car.
Puppia Soft Dog HarnessPuppia Soft Dog Harness provides comfort for your pet because it has a soft, lightweight mesh that does not irritate your dog's skin. The mesh evenly distributes force across your pet's chest. There is a quick release button and an adjustable belt on the chest. It is made of quality material that is durable and reliable. It is also easy to wash which means you can use it even in the rainy season when it is muddy. Your pet will not be able to get itself out of the harness once you get the right size that will be fitting but still comfortable.
Noxgear LightHound HarnessIf you find yourself frequently walking your dog in the dark, Noxgear LightHound is the ideal harness for you. It has LEDs with special illumination modes which alert motorists and give visibility to your dog and can be seen from half a mile away. You can play around with the 8 super bright colors it has. The battery is quickly rechargeable and gives you 12 hours of play. The harness is rain proof and can withstand general wear and tear. It is machine washable as well. There is a size for every dog, and adjustable straps will give your dog a good and secure fit.
Petsafe Easy Walk HarnessDesigned to prevent choking, the Petsafe Easy Walk is an adjustable harness therefore enabling you to get the perfect size for your dog. It has three adjustable points, at the stomach, back and neck and you can fix a leash at the front of the harness so you can enjoy walks with the dog facing you. It is a budget-friendly choice that also protects your dog's throat area from harm.
Kurgo Tru-fitConsider buying the Kurgo Tru-Fit if you are looking for a long-lasting, comfortable harness for slightly smaller dogs. It has a variety of features including five adjustable points for a proper fit, a wide padded chest plate for comfort, the correct clip for puller dogs and a strong front leash attachment. Additionally, it comes with a lifetime warranty but only when you purchase it from an authorized dealer. The only downside of this harness is the fact that it lacks padding in the underarms and this can cause scratching.
Ruffwear Front Range HarnessRuffwear Front Range Harness works for any dog. It is comfortable for your dog as the chest is softly padded. It is a secure fit and has two lead attachment points, giving you control over your pet without straining its throat. It is ideal for both walking and running and gives you full motion range. For safety, the trim is reflective with high visibility. You can place your dog tags or paper notes in the ID pocket. The harness is made from nylon material which is light and can be used in all weather. It is easy to put on, just slip it over your dog's neck.
Powers S 3M Reflective Nylon Vest HarnessThe Power S Nylon vest is a very strong and durable harness that can work well on a full grown dog. It is made from the best quality nylon and 3M reflective material. The fabric is a soft and comfortable mesh cloth that will not harm your pet's skin or hair. The reflective straps keep your dog safe and visible in the dark. It also works well with dogs that need some training to stop pulling. The pull buckle is made from zinc alloy with anti-corrosion. The harness has adjustable clips that ensure a snug and comfortable fit for most breeds and most sizes.
2 Hounds Design Freedom HarnessThe Freedom No-Pull harness does a good job minimizing pulling. It provides comfort for your pet and prevents neck strain. To keep your dog fastened and secure, it has four adjustment points. Your pet cannot back out of this harness meaning it has no chance of escape. There is a strap that goes behind the legs, made from a soft velvet lining. This prevents your dog from chaffing, rubbing and sores. The design works two ways, when attached to the front it discourages pulling and if attached to the back, it is great for exercise.
Ruffwear Web MasterThe Ruffwear Web Master is a solution for dogs that constantly back out of their harness. It works for large and medium-sized dogs, aging and active young dogs. Your pet will be securely harnessed with the chest and belly straps which have extra foam padding for comfort. The Web Master has two leash attachment points that are secure. It can be used to help dogs through obstacles. With five adjustment points, you get a customizable fit and full range of motion. This harness is used for several rescue dog programs. The handle gives balanced and controlled lifting.

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