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Hill's Science DietMade of brewers' rice, chicken, whole grain sorghum, pea protein and cracked pearled barley, the Hill's Science is a grain filled diet that is suitable for adult dogs with stomach sensitivity and skin problems. It also has soybean oil, pork fat and dried beet pulp to give your dog maximum protein. It provides your dog with a balanced diet and contains chicken meal to add flavour to the food. This formula is certainly worth considering especially if your dog has a sensitive stomach.
Wellness Core NaturalThe Wellness Core Natural is one of the most famous dog food brands in the market with good reason. It is a grain free product that combines vitamins, probiotics, phosphorus, antioxidants and minerals to provide a balanced diet for your dog. Your dogs will surely enjoy this meal since it also has turkey and chicken meat. In addition, it is available in different sizes so you can choose the suitable size according to your dog's life-stage and feeding needs.
Nature's RecipeIdeal for large, active dogs such as Labradors, the Nature's Recipe contains the necessary ingredients for healthy muscles. It is a dry, grain-free food that contains 27-percent protein, 10-percent moisture, 4-percent fiber and 12-percent fat so you don't have to worry about your dog gaining excess weight. It also contains sweet potatoes and pumpkins that help with digestion since many labradors have sensitive stomachs and the chicken is necessary for lean muscles.
Canidae Dry Food Available in 9 grain-free formulas, the Canidae Dry Food is ideal for dogs of all ages and sizes. As the name suggests, it is a dry food that is best suited for dogs that are not prone to stomach upsets. Most of the formulas include chicken meal, lamb, turkey and fish. However, this product tries to minimize the number of ingredients in each formula so as to prevent food allergies. Nonetheless, this is a good choice that can feed your puppies, adult and senior dogs.
Merrick Lil PlatesThe Merrick Lil Plates has a high amount of fat and protein making it perfect for small breed dogs as they have a faster metabolic rate. It contains good quality ingredients such as lamb, salmon, chicken, beef and carbs such as sweet potatoes. It is also a good choice for dogs with long coats thanks to the omega fatty acids. What's more, it contains Bacillus Coagullans that come in handy when dealing with digestive problems and preventing ulcerative conditions as well as irritable bowel movement. However, this formula should not be used with larger active dogs due to its high fat and protein level.
Rachael Ray NutrishThe Racheal Ray Nutrish is a wet food meaning that it has lower amounts of carbohydrates, synthetic preservatives and a lot of protein. It has chicken, lamb and beef flavours in each pack of six tubs. This wet food is ideal for dogs with dehydration or water intake issues thanks to the 78-percent moisture, 5-percent fat and 9-percent protein. This product has a pleasant smell that even picky dogs can not resist. Moreover, you can mix it with other dry foods for added flavour and nutrients or you can serve it plain. Lastly, it is a fairly priced option.
Blue Buffalo WildernessThe Buffalo Wilderness is another grain-free product that is suitable for energetic adult dogs. Its main ingredient is salmon meat and it contains omega-3 which is essential for long-coated dogs and has anti-inflammatory properties. The salmon meat is combined with chicken meat to create a unique taste for the dogs. Furthermore, your dogs will not suffer from joint disease when on this diet since it contains glucosamine.

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