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Iams Proactive Health Adult MiniChunksOne of the greatest strengths of Iams is its use of farm-raised chicken in its dog food. Its well balanced formulation of dog foods has made it quite popular. The recipe includes fruits, vegetables and wholesome grains. This will keep your dog's skin healthy and its coat shiny. These nutrients will also help in giving your dog a healthy immune system. It includes I-carnitine which will help in maintaining a healthy weight and it will also aid in metabolism. The food is blended into a unique kibble which makes it easier to chew and eat.
I and love and you Naked EssentialsA big plus for I and Love You Naked Essentials is its use of lamb and bison as animal proteins. The probability of lamb causing allergies is very low. It is grain free and doesn't have by-product meals such as corn, rice, soy, preservatives and colors. Instead it has sweet potatoes, chickpeas and lentils that are all nutrient rich. It also features prebiotics and probiotics that help in digestion and help improve your dog's immune functioning. This dog food also has Omegas 3 and 6 that give a soft and shiny coat and very healthy skin.
Acana Heritage Meats FormulaAcana Heritage Meats Formula is a protein rich diet that happens to be biologically appropriate. It contains different regional wholesome ingredients. 40% of the formula comprises of fruits, vegetables and botanicals. They help in keeping your pet's coat nice and shiny, and also keps the skin healthy. The presence of Zinc Proteinte helps your dog's immune system and also keeps it healthy. The remaining 60% comprises of protein which includes pork, lamb and beef ingredients. It also includes stripe and liver which are freeze dried then used to infuse the kibble with. The formula is grain free and the ingredients are non GMO.
Wellness Core NaturalThe Wellness Core Natural is one of the most famous dog food brands in the market with good reason. It is a grain free product that combines vitamins, probiotics, phosphorus, antioxidants and minerals to provide a balanced diet for your dog. Your dogs will surely enjoy this meal since it also has turkey and chicken meat. In addition, it is available in different sizes so you can choose the suitable size according to your dog's life-stage and feeding needs.
Taste of The WildTaste of the wild is a top selling dog food brand. It is very popular because its price to quality ratio means you get value for money. The ingredients are protein packed, giving your dog total nutrition. Omega 3 fats will give your dog healthy skin and coat. This dog food is grain free and is inclusive of healthier alternatives of carbs. It also includes a blend of rich and healthy fruits and vegetables giving it a taste of the diet in the wild. Works for dogs of all sizes; small, medium and large.
ORIJEN OriginalOrijen Original features fresh whole animal ingredients of the best quality. This includes fish, poultry and egg ingredients. 85% of this food is made up of meat inclusions while 15% is made up of fruits, vegetables and botanicals. You get a blend of fresh and raw ingredients. Fresh ingredients don't have preservatives and are refrigerated while raw ingredients are flash frozen, all of which come from regional farms. It doesn't have wheat, soy or corn. This high protein recipe is ideal for lean muscles. Your dog is assured of getting all the nutrients it needs.
Instinct Original Nature's VarietyThe number one ingredient in this dog food is beef. Instinct Original Recipe is comprised of 30% fruits and vegetables and 70% is healthy oils and real animal ingredients. The dry food kibble contains freeze-dried raw recipes. They lose moisture and keep nutrients in hence increasing protein levels. The presence of antioxidants prevents cell damage and natural probiotics help your dog's digestive health. The high protein helps in building and maintaining lean muscles. It is grain free and also doesn't contain preservatives or artificial colors. Instinct Original gives food to animal adoption centres.
Farmina Natural And DeliciousFarmina is known for using only the healthiest ingredients in all its dog foods. In this specific one, Boar meat is the number one ingredient. The ingredients used in this recipe are fresh and are never frozen. It also contains berries that are antioxidant rich and natural Omega fatty acids, they give your dog a shiny coat and healthy skin. It is grain free as well. 30% of its composition is fruits, vegetables, minerals and vitamins. With its low glycemic formula, it is ideal for dogs with sensitive blood sugar levels. It doesn't contain lentils, pea protein, peas, chickpeas or added plant oils.
Rachael Ray Nutrish NaturalOne of the greatest strengths of Rachael Ray Nutrish is that it uses farm raised chicken as the number one ingredient. It doesn't include artificial flavors or preservatives. Each ingredient in the recipe was chosen for a reason. Chicken, a protein that is lean and easily digestible, helps with building and maintaining muscle. Crisp Carrots give the food a tasty crunch that your dog will appreciate. Brown rice is a good source for carbs, fiber and vitamins. Peas are a good source of fiber, minerals and vitamins. It also features natural prebiotics that will help your dog in healthy digestion.
Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural AdultAll Blue Buffalo foods are known for having real meat as their first ingredient. In this brown rice you get a well-balanced mix of fats and rich proteins. The proteins are ideal for building and maintaining healthy muscle. It does not contain wheat, corn or any other unhealthy by-product. Instead, it features whole grains, fruits and vegetables. This gives your dog the energy it needs throughout the day. You're also sure to get lots of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This gives your dog a well balanced and nutritious diet. Omega 3 in this formula will keep your dog's coat shiny and its skin healthy.

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