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Mighty Max Battery ML35-12The Mighty Max Battery ML35-12 offers outstanding performance and a good battery life for float as well as regular operation thanks to its calcium-alloy grid. Like most high performing batteries, it features Absorbent Glass Technology. The battery is leak resistant and maintenance free as it is valve regulated allowing it to perform efficiently in various applications. It can be used in electric cars, engine starters, motorcycles and so much more and better yet, it can be mounted in any position. It has a high discharge rate as well as a quick recharge speed. No matter the weather, you can rely on this battery to always perform well.
ACDelco 94RAGM Professional AGM 94R BatteryThe ACDelco 94RAGM Professional AGM 94R Battery is one of the best batteries you can get with its high cycling capabilities. It delivers high performance with an improved battery life thanks to the high-density negative paste. It is completely leak and spill proof with the absorbed matte glass design, which holds the electrolyte permanently in the matte separator instead of free flowing within each cell. It features a vent cap that is designed to withstand acid leaks. Made out of calcium lead, the grid increases conductivity while reducing resistance. The battery life is further extended and remains cool with the robust envelope separator, which boosts acid circulation and prevents shorts.
DieHard 38188 GP 34R AGMThe DieHard 38188 GP 34R AGM is a powerful, average sized car battery that is very efficient, reliable and maintenance free. It is 20 times more resistant to vibrations ensuring that the battery life is protected with improved overall performance. Not only that, it also has two times the life cycle of other traditionally used lead-acid batteries. Its spill-proof body and protective design preserve the sensitive electronic equipment. Moreover, the battery is specifically designed with an electrolyte suspension system, which can safeguard the internal components of the battery effectively by absorbing any excess electrolyte.
Odyssey PC680 BatteryIf you are looking for a powerful and reliable battery, the Odyssey PC680 Battery is it. As compared to similar batteries, it provides a 70 percent longer life cycle and is steady for a lengthy stretch of time at a high voltage. It is packed with lots of power up to 400 cycles for 80 percent depth of discharge and quickly recharges in less than six hours. It is also intended to avert spillage and readily mount. Regardless of the setting, the battery remains stable and protected with its vibration and high impact shocks resistant construction.
Optima D35 YellowTopAre you looking for a car battery that will last you a long time? The Optima D35 YellowTop is worth the investment. This battery is highly efficient and once fully charged delivers 98 minutes reserve capacity. It is especially perfect for cold weather. The combination of a firm and solid exterior with vibration resistance of up to 15 times more than traditional batteries contribute to the Optima D35's durability. The C20 capacity of the battery delivers a 48 Ampere hour. With its compact size, the battery can be easily mounted in different positions and is ideal for most small to mid-sized motors.

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