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Pyramid Path Bowling BallThe Pyramid Path Bowling Ball is ideal for all ages and skill levels making it a great investment. The ball features a pancake core and polyester coverstock thus it is perfect for straight shots. As all bowling bowls are, this one too comes undrilled requiring you to take it to your local bowling alley to get the holes drilled in to fit your fingers, giving you the best placement. It features pyramid technology and is available in various colors to suit your needs and taste. It is one of the best balls to get you started if you'd like to get into bowling.
Brunswick Rhino Bowling BallBrunswick delivers again with the Rhino Bowling Ball, the perfect blend of style and function that's suitable for more advanced bowlers. Just like the rhino, it is powerful with a sturdy build featuring the R-16 coverstock and a light bulb core. Its core is symmetrical helping significantly with balance and making the hole drilling process effortless. The ball is not reactive to dry or oily surfaces and therefore is ideal for medium and light oil lanes. It also offers a unique hook. With this ball, Brunswick provides bowlers with a single entity that balances power and control perfectly at an affordable price.
Brunswick Deep Space Bowling BallShow your skills on the lanes with the Brunswick Deep Space Bowling Ball. It's a spare bowling ball that comes in different colors and sizes allowing you to not only get one that you like but one that will be just right for you. It is ideal for beginners featuring a pancake core. Its construction also includes a polyester coverstock, which is of considerable help in making straight shots. The bowling bowl is also effective for playing on oily surfaces thanks to the hook potential it offers. It is the perfect ball for beginners and recreational bowlers with an affordable price tag to it.
Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Bowling BallDesigned for beginners entering the intermediate level, the Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Bowling Ball will boost your overall performance. The ball has a sturdy and solid build and is strong due to its symmetric core. It is also more reactive making it ideal for medium oil lanes and it provides maximum balance whenever you throw the ball. Drilling holes into this ball is also more flexible allowing you to have them right where you need them so you can raise and lower it comfortably. Although the Path Rising Pearl is on the pricier side, it is definitely worth it.
Ebonite Maxim Bowling BallPlay your best games with the Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball, a perfect combination of style, durability and function all in an affordable package. It is made out of polyester and plastic with a pancake core and polyester coverstock which when combined help you roll a straight shot. It comes with a high-gloss finish and has excellent speed ensuring you stand out from the crowd in every game. Ideal for beginners and recreational bowlers, the Ebonite Maxim bowling ball is quite the beauty available in various colors to suit your personal preference.

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