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Go Fast Bits T9351The simplicity of the Go Fast Bits T9351 is one thing that should be emphasized. Installation can be accomplished easily. It also has direct-fit placement that simplifies its assembly. To avoid frustration, however, make sure first that it is compatible to the requirements of your car. The Pilot-Actuated system is another technology that is worth noting. It has been exclusively developed by the manufacturer, providing the product with a distinct advantage above its competitors. The latter is the one that is responsible for delivering quick response even at high boost.
TurboSmart TS-0203-1061 Blow Off ValveThe TurboSmart TS-0203-1061 Blow Off Valve is a lightweight blow off valve that delivers great sound and performance at a budget friendly price. It is well constructed with a unique design and is engineered to amplify the blow off's sound. They say the best things come in small packages and that is the case with this blow off valve. Measuring 7 x 6 x 5 inches, it is easy to handle and install. It is also very efficient and will help to boost the turbo response in your engine while preventing compressor surge when you shift gears.
HKS (71008-AK001) Super SQV4 Sequential Blow Off Valve KitAll eyes will be on you with the HKS Super SQV4 Sequential Blow Off Valve Kit which produces clean and crisp sound. But that's not all you'll get, this blow-off valve utilizes a distinctive sequential valve structure as well as a differential pressure control system, making possible a wider operating range from low boost to high boost. Despite the amount of boost pressure, the pull type ensures steady operation. The blow off valve is durable with a silver-coated aluminum die-cast body. It will be a good fit for new generations of turbocharged vehicles.
Boomba Racing Blow Off ValveThis blow off valve features an internal brass piston housed in a solidly built aluminum body for maximum strength and durability and comes with all the mounting hardware you'll need. It's pretty light and small and is very easy to install, making it easy for you to locate it within your engine without a fuss. It will also easily withstand boost pressures of up to 70 pounds per square inch, making it a great aftermarket blow off valve. It does its job simply without too much fanfare. The price is also pretty affordable and delivers good value for money.
LGT TMS Respons Blow Off Valve KitWith the LGT TMS Respons Blow Off Valve Kit, you never have to worry about a compressor surge. It not only improves the drivability of your vehicle but also protects your turbo system and improves its longevity. The settings are fully adjustable, meaning you can easily tune it to perform just how you want it to. The build is exceptionally sturdy and will likely last you for many years. The blow off valve itself is pretty dainty with small dimensions and is easy to locate in your engine. You don't have to move any hoses or parts around to find a home for this little device in your engine.
GReddy (11501665) Blow-Off ValveThe GReddy (11501665) Blow-Off Valve is a compact device that will perform fairly well in all conditions and is compatible with most vehicles. Due to its compact size, it is very easy to install without having to remove other components under the hood. It also provides exceptional airflow and response at all times making it very reliable. Constructed out of high-quality aluminum, it has a floating valve design. This blow off valve is also very durable thanks to a dual spring system. Enjoy having better control over your boost with smoother transitions between accelerating and braking.
Dewhel UniversalThe Dewhel Universal features a V-Band design and has a 50 mm valve. The O-ring on the valve seal is Viton and the coating is hard-anodized. The lubrication is Teflon and this blow off valve is one of the most wear resistant you will ever come across. It comes with a banjo-type bolt and air fitting, and is machined with aluminum. The silicon on the actuator is resistant to high temperatures, boosting the durability of the device even more. The diaphragm inside is reinforced with Nomex, which means the components are very strong and will easily resist any backtracking by the boost.
TurboSmart KompactThe TurboSmart Kompact blow off valve is a direct bolt-on replacement for the valve that comes from the factory for most EcoBoost, EFR, and BorgWarner turbos. As a result, it's pretty much a good fit for most engines. It has almost instantaneous pressure response that's probably only matched in speed by electricity. Additionally, it is housed in solid billet aluminum and has a small body that makes for very easy installation. In terms of performance, it has a dual port construction that offers some of the best responsive flow characteristics on the market, thereby maximizing the sound output and pushing the air.
GReddy Stiff Spring Blow Off ValveThe GReddy Stiff Spring Blow off Valve is a universal fit that will go into most engines with a lightweight and an extremely small size. It produces a beautiful sound despite that small size. It is also fully adjustable with a 47 mm valve. The GReddy is functional. It's designed to do its job and be very good at it, not stand out for everyone to see without delivering an iota of performance. That's something a lot of blow off valves do: they become attention seekers rather than performers. This particular valve was designed to be better than that, going for optimal performance and a strong, durable build.

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