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Ninja Master Prep ProfessionalThe Ninja Master Prep Professional is a great blender for preparing healthy meals for you and your family. It has a 48 ounce pitcher that can blend thick fluids and frozen foods, and an additional 16 ounce bowl that you use for chopping. You can conveniently blend and store your food away, since the jars come with storage lids that are all dishwasher safe and BPA free which is perfect for your children. The blender works with 450W of power and it comes with splash guards to minimize blending or chopping mess and a stacked 6 blade assembly.
Vitamix Professional 750The Vitamix Professional 750 is the ideal choice if you want to prepare meals and smoothies with less time and effort. It has 5 pre-programmed settings that work with a huge number of cooking styles and recipes, while the blending speed and pulse can be easily altered so you get the ultimate blending texture. It connects via a 6 foot cord for easy use and it has a 64 ounce container that's ideal for family sized meals and medium sized parties. The blades are made out of hardened stainless steel so they can blend practically any kind of food and it is very easy to disassemble and clean.
Blendtec Designer SeriesThe Blendtec Designer Series is the perfect addition to your kitchen. It's extremely easy to use with 4 pro-programmed cycles and 6 speed touch sliders that work with a wide variety of cooking styles and recipes. It also has a convenient LCD display so you can keep an eye on your blending time and get perfect consistency with little effort. The blender can work with huge chunks of food, removing the need for chopping and slicing, and it works fairly quietly with minimal motor noise. It has a 90 ounce volume jar with a 36 ounce blending capacity, and the blade is made out of stainless steel for smooth blends.
Ninja Mega Kitchen System The Ninja Mega Kitchen System is one of the best blenders for your home. It has an incredible 72 ounce pitcher that you can use to make smoothies or blend frozen foods with 2 horsepower. It can also be used to chop your food or mix up to 2 pounds of dough at a time. The blender also comes with two 16 ounce cups with lids so you can blend your smoothie and pack it up to go, and they are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. All the items are also BPA-free which is ideal for your family's health and it runs on 1500 W.
away-the-bigger-carry-onThe Magic Bullet Nutribullet is perfect for making personalized healthy meals to take with you while you're on the go. The 11 piece set has a compact design and it's really easy on your pocket. The cups are made from high-impact plastic to prevent breakage or cracking and it works with a 250W voltage. You can use it to blend, chop, grind or whip your food, and it fits in perfectly in any sized kitchen. Apart from personal meals, you can also use it to quickly prepare baby food, making it an ideal choice for parents with children who are getting used to solid foods.
Cleanblend BlenderThe Cleanblend Blender is the ultimate blender for you if you like keeping things very clean. It comes with a tight lid to prevent messy spills, and the cup is practically unbreakable to ensure the food stays inside the blender while it's at work. The 8 blade system is made out of hardened stainless steel for a fast and even blend and the sprout is drip free to prevent any messes. The 64 ounce blender is easy to disassemble and clean, and it's also BPA free which is great for you and your loved ones.

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