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Foldylock CompactThe Foldylock Compact is a very edgy bike lock with a compact design that's perfect if you're always on the move. It weighs a light 2.2 pounds, unfolding to 33.5 inches and it comes with a carrying case for convenient portability. The lock is made out of heavy duty material that's bound to protect it from fatal smashes and crashes. It's designed with hardened steel for added security and durability, and it has additional rivets for extra security, with VSR technology to protect it from saws and cutting material. It is very easy to use and it works well with adult bikes and children's bikes as well.
Kryptonite Evolution Mini-7The Kryptonite Evolution Mini-7 is the ideal bike lock for securing your bike while you're out and about. It has a 13 mm shackle that's made out of maximum performance steel, that is strong enough to stand against bolt cutters and critical smashes. It also has a 4 foot double loop cable that's made out of kryptoflex material to secure your front wheel. It weighs around 4 pounds and it has an additional reinforced cuff that sits over your crossbad to give you additional security. The foot shackle is bent for easier use and it has anti-rattle bumpers for a peaceful commute.
Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit MiniThe Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini is one of the best bike locks in the market. The U-shaped bike lock has a maximum performance steel shackle that is 18mm long and strong enough to withstand impact and bolt cutters. The sleeve is also made out of hardened steel and it's oversized to give you additional security. It has a double deadbolt lock with a high security disk-style cylinder, and the lock has a vinyl coating for extra protection, while preventing it from scratching your bike. It also has a siding dust cover to extend the cylinder life and ensure you keep using the lock for a very long time.
Sigtuna Gear U-lockThe Sigtuna Gear U-lock is a good looking like lock with very useful features. The 8mm lock is made out of heavy duty material, and it has a folding design that makes it compact for quick storage when you don't need it. Once it's folded out, it's long enough to secure two bikes at once and it has a unique locking mechanism that is incredibly difficult to penetrate. It's also designed with a mounting bracket that is quick and easy to instal and it has a tight fit to help give your bike a firmer stand.
Abus Granit X Plus 540The Abus Granit X Plus 540 is suitable for a wide range of bikers. The 9 inch U bike lock is made in germany so you're assured it's a high quality product, and it has a level 15 security level to give your the ultimate peace of mind. The lock has a double locking feature with high pulling resistance and a lighted key that is extremely easy to use. It's made out of 13mm hardened steel using patented ABUS Power Cell Technology for ultimate protection. The lock also has a protective cover to prevent corrosion, and it secures your bike without scratching or damaging it.
TiGr mini+The TiGr mini+ is an awesome bike lock. It is made out of high quality titanium material, weighing in at 1.0 pounds so it's easy to move around with. It comes with an additional mounting clip that is very easy to use, and it covers a 4 by 8 inch locking area. It's designed with a disc-style lock cylinder that's inclusive of two keys so you have a backup option in case of an emergency. The lock also has a PVC coating along the bow to protect your bike from scratches while adding to the locks durability.
Hiplok Chain LockThe Hiplok Chain Lock is perfect for keeping your bike safe and it comes in two colors you can choose from. It has a 8mm chain that's made out of hardened steel material, with a 12mm steel shackle that's covered in impact resistant nylon to withstand any hits or breaks. It's wide enough to cover an 85cm area and you can easily stretch or compress is to 28 to 44 inches. It's also designed with a unique patented Hiplok design that makes it stand out, and the sleeve can be easily removed so you can quickly clean it. The lock also has three keys that have a distinctive curved design.
Knog Strongman U-LockThe Knog Strongman U-Lock is a top choice if you're looking for a functional bike lock at an affordable price. It measures 5.15 by 7.75 inches and it's covered with UV resistant silicone that protects it from damage while preventing it from scratching your bike. It has an incorporated 13mm shackle that's made out of hardened steel and an easy to use mounting bracket that gives you ultimate security over your bike while you're in public. The lock has a high security disc style lock cylinder and a durable casing that's also made out of hardened steel.
Pitlock Security SkewersThe Pitlock Security Skewers is the ideal set of locks for any serious biker. The 3 pack skewers come in a simple silver color that easily blend in with the color of your bike, and the set covers a 5mm diameter axle that is wide enough to secure both the front and rear wheels. It also comes with a replacement bolt for the seat post and headset, and an additional top cap. It's extremely lightweight at 0.16 pounds and the wheel skewers can be used with or without disk brakes so you don't have to worry about compatibility.
Master Lock Street CuffsThe Master Lock Street Cuffs is a unique way of keeping your bicycle safe while you're out in public. The cuffs are 21.5 inches long and can be adjusted to 3 by 3.5 inches. The 360 degree cuffs are designed to fold in half for easy storage, and they have a rubber liner to prevent it from scratching your bike after continuous use. The shackles are strong enough to secure two bikes at a time with a patented lock core that is pick and drill resistant. The cuffs are ideal for bikes of different sizes and they weigh a light 2.6 pounds for easy portability.
Ottolock CinchThe Ottolock Cinch is the perfect lock for any high school or college student. It has 4 edgy colors you can pick from with a light and compact design weighing in at 260 grams. It covers a 3 inch diameter that can easily be adjusted to fit any bike and it's very easy to use that's perfect if you frequently move around with occasional stops. The lock is made out of multi-layer steel and kevlar material and it has an anti-scratch santoprene plastic coating to prevent it from scratching or damaging your bike. It also has a unique 3-dial combination lock to give you a personalized touch.

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