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Gerber Good Start Soothe Non-GMO Powder Infant FormulaThe Gerber Good Start Soothe formula can significantly reduce crying and fussiness in babies following feeding time. The gentle formula helps eliminate the build-up of gas in the system keeping babies more comfortable. The addition of the probiotic L. Reuteri to this formula helps introduce healthy bacteria into the digestive system. DHA, a vital Omega 3 fatty acid found naturally in breast milk are part of this specialized formula. DHA is recognized as an important part of proper brain and eye development. The Non-GMO ingredients in this formula that help to soothe sensitive tummies include Gerber's Comfort Proteins. The carbohydrate rich blend is specially formulated with only 30% lactose.
Gerber Good Start Gentle Powder Infant FormulaFinding the right formula to supplement with while breast-feeding can be challenging, especially when your baby has a sensitive stomach. Luckily, Gerber took this into consideration and developed the Gerber Good Start Gentle Powder Infant Formula that offers the nutrition of breast milk and is gentle on your baby's developing body. It contains small proteins that baby's digestive system can easily digest and as a result, your baby's stool is soft. It also has fatty acids that will aid in the development of your baby's brain as well as eyes.
Enfagrow Toddler Next Step Milk DrinkEnfagrow Toddler Next Step Milk Drink is a formula for kids aged 1 to 3 years. We know how challenging it can be to make your toddler eat healthy foods. Hence Enfagrow Toddler Next Step Milk Drink has a balance of 22 nutrients required for a healthy growth. The natural defense dual prebiotics help support the child's digestive health. Vitamin D and calcium in the formula will aid in the growth of strong teeth and bones for the young one. The formula is available in two delicious flavors- vanilla and natural milk.
Enfamil Nutramigen with Enflora LGG Powder Formula The Enfamil Nutramigen formula is highly hydrolyzed and hypoallergenic to help reduce the symptoms of Colic in less than 24 hours. The cow milk protein is broken down to such small particles that it will no longer be recognized by the immune system prompting an allergic reaction. The smaller proteins also help the developing and sensitive digestive system process the nutrients without a struggle. In the aid of proper brain and eye development, Nutramigen contains DHA and ARA which are Omega 3/6 fatty acids that are essential in promoting healthy growth. Fortified with Iron, the Nutramigen formula promotes strong bone health and development in your growing baby.
Baby's Only Organic LactoRelief FormulaThe Baby's Only Organic LactoRelief Formula is an outstanding option for babies who seem to have some issues related to digesting dairy, such as gas, reflux, or bloating. This is a lactose-free organic and kosher baby formula, with high levels of essential fatty acids that the baby's body converts to DHA (an omega-3) and ARA (an omega-6). It has no corn syrup or genetically modified ingredients. It also uses naturally-sourced rather than petroleum-based vitamins, such as vitamin E acetate, and uses brown rice syrup instead of corn syrup solids. It’s suitable for newborns.
Enfamil Infant FormulaEnfamil Infant Formula is highly recommended by pediatricians as it offers similar nutritional value to your baby as breast milk. It contains dual prebiotics that work in your baby's digestive tract to strengthen their immune system. It also has inositol, which aids in the development of your baby's brain. Another important nutrient this formula contains is DHA promoting your baby's learning abilities as well as eye development. Enfamil Infant Formula also combines 30 nutrients and twice the Omega-3 DHA, vitamins and minerals to foster your help your baby's immune system. With all it has to offer, it truly is the closest thing to breast milk.
Earth's Best Organic Soy Infact FormulaThe Earth's Best Organic Soy Infant formula is easy to digest and is formulated after natural breast milk. It is nutritionally complete and complies with all FDA requirements and is suitable for infants from birth to 12 months. It’s enriched with iron and is completely lactose free and gentle on fussy stomachs. Lactose intolerance in infants is what generally causes gas build up resulting in unhappy and fussy babies. There are no artificial colors, preservatives, GEI, pesticides or herbicides in any parts of the contents. This lactose free formula can help reduce eczema as well as colic caused by allergic reactions to milk products.
Similac Pro-Sensitive Non-GMO Infant FormulaThis Similac Pro- Sensitive formula is the only product that has 2'-FL Human Milk Oligosaccharide (HMO). This is a prebiotic that helps to boost the immune systems of infants and could only be found in breast milk. All ingredients in this formula are strictly Non-GMO. Its formulated with the Similac patented Optigrow ingredients of DHA, Lutein and Vitamin E. This formula is specifically designed to address issues of lactose intolerance in infants. It is not for use for children or babies with Galactosemia. Found to reduce the occurrence of feeding time spit ups, this formula helps babies improve their tolerance for lactose products and is gentle on their stomachs.
Danone Aptamil Infant FormulaDanone Aptamil Infant Formula combines all the necessary nutrients to aid in the development of your child's neurological, immunological as well as physical growth. It contains DHA and ARA, which support brain and vision development. You can be assured of your baby's continued immune system development with ingredients such as nucleotides as well as vitamins and with lactose and maltodextrin, a stronger digestive system. Breast milk is the best option but in cases where there isn't much being produced or you want to supplement, Danone Aptamil Infant Formula will ensure that your baby gets the right nutrients for healthy growth.
Lebenswert Stage 1 Organic Infant Milk FormulaThe Lebenswert Stage 1 Organic Infant Milk Formula is one of the only organic formulas that is specifically targeted toward newborns and infants, rather than just toddlers. The Lebenswert formula is based on organic skim milk, organic whey, organic vegetable oils, organic lactose, and vitamins and minerals. Like most formulas, rather than using a sugar as a primary ingredient, this organic formula uses milk itself and then adds in the fats and sugars later. Even better, because this baby formula is suitable for use from birth onward, it is great for exclusive bottle formula feeding, which makes it a really unique addition to the organic baby formula market.

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