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Yi 4K+The YI 4K+ Action Camera Sports Cam delivers superb HD footage by using a the built-in Sony IMX377 image sensor. It also uses IES technology to stabilize images and help capture objects that may be moving very quickly. The Camera has a touchscreen that is protected by 2.2 inch Gorilla Glass and long lasting battery life, thought the camera can also be powered by an external source via USB and still function normally. It has easy to use settings that allow you to change shooting modes and playback footage. It also has additional features such as voice control, live stream, built in bluetooth, and extended type-C Microphone support.
GoPro HERO6 BlackThe GoPro HERO6 Black is one of the best rated action cameras in the market. It captures pictures and video in 1080p quality, and it uses advanced stabilization features to make sure you get smooth and clear footage even when the camera is hand held or during fast moving scenes. The camera can also be mounted, and it has a waterproof build that lets you go as deep as 33 feet. The camera can easily connect to your phone or computer via Wi-Fi or you can also use the accompanying app to edit or share content.
Olympus TG-TrackerThe Olympus TG-Tracker with 1.5-Inch LCD is one of the toughest portable cameras out there. It is waterproof to the depths of 100 feet without protective casing. It is also durable enough to withstand a few drops and crashes, so you are sure this will last you a long time. The camera has a 4K 30P video capture feature and takes still pictures at 8P. It also has built in Wi-Fi and 5 built-in sensors for capturing objects in motion. The battery on this camera is removable which allows you to carry a backup battery. It also has a Micro SD card slot for additional storage.
Garmin VIRB XEThe Garmin VIRB XE is the perfect device id your like going out on trips and adventures. It has built-in GPS and external sensors that connect to other Garmin devices to help you keep track of your location and capture other aspects like distance covered, your speed and heart rate. You can use it to take video at 1080p resolution, and it's ideal for capturing both fast moving scenes and slow motion. The camera has a burst shooting mode feature that takes amazing photos in quick succession and it's bluetooth enabled so you can quickly share and save your footage on-the-go.
TomTom BanditThe TomTom Bandit 4k Action Video Camera has a cool name and fascinating features to go along with it. The 4K camera produces high resolution videos and it has built-in sensors to monitor speed, rotation and other factors that could affect image quality. It also has a great battery life for long hours of use, and you can use the Bandit App, available on both Apple and Android devices, for previewing content, creating quick videos and sharing footage. It also has a sturdy design and a built in microphone for those who need it.
SJCAM SJ8 ProThe SJCAM SJ8 Pro is a great action camera. It's ideal for long shoots due to its 1200mAh large capacity battery, and it captures high quality pictures and video in 4K quality at 60fps. The camera is very easy to operate with its 2.33 inch touchscreen interface and voice control feature. It also has gyro stabilization and EIS to help you capture clear images even when the camera is hand-held, and it has a built-in microphone that captures very crisp audio. It has a very durable build to protect it from bumps while you move around, and it's designed with a USB-C connector for seamless charging and data transfer.
GoPro Hero7 BlackThe GoPro HERO7 Black is touch screen enabled with 4K HD video for fantastic picture quality and hypersmooth video stabilization to correct camera shake and deliver effortless footage. It has a Super Photo feature that helps you get the best images without the extra struggle. The camera also has a rugged waterproof build that lets you take pictures in a wide variety of places and weather conditions without worrying about it being damaged or destroyed. It can also be voice controlled for easier use, and also has live streaming to let you share your experiences on the go.
Olfi One.Five BlackThe Olfi One Five Black action camera has some really amazing features. It captures pictures and videos in high quality 4K Ultra high definition, and the photos are breathtaking at 16MP. The camera is designed with an SD card slot for saving your footage, and it's Wi-Fi enabled so you can seamlessly connect to your phone or computer so you can save and share your pictures. It's also equipped with an external microphone that captures audio ver clearly. The Olfi One has a very durable build and it's waterproof to 30 meters which is great for underwater adventures.
Sony RX0The Sony RX0 is awesome for your outdoor trips and get togethers. The 21MP camera captures fantastic pictures thanks to its 24mm Zeiss Tessar T* lens, and it runs on an NP-BJ1 battery pack. The camera comes with a 16GB micro SD card for storing all your footage and you can easily connect it to your computer to quickly share and store your images. It also comes with a micro USB cable, a wrist strap and cleaning kit for extra convenience. The camera has a waterproof cover to protect it from water damage and it's also shock proof so you can run around with it.
GoPro Hero5 BlackThe GoPro HERO5 Black is a waterproof digital action camera with 4K HD Video that takes high quality 12 MP images. It has a rugged build for extra durability and trouble free settings that let you preview and playback shots and edit your footage. The GoPro HERO5 also has crystal clear audio and useful voice control and GPS features. This camera also has the ability to upload content on your GoPro Plus cloud account for easy storage and sharing. It is very light and does not have an inconvenient exterior casing system, making it even easier to move around with.

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