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LG OLED65B8The LG OLED65B8 is one of the best reviewed TVs on the market. It has AI and built-in Google Assistant so you can control your smart home devices via voice control or the LG Magic Remote. It runs on an a7 Intelligent Processor that backs up its 4K HDR ability to produce high quality pictures whether you're watching a movie or gaming. It even has a pixel level dimming feature to give you a perfect display with deepened blacks. The audio is just as impressive thanks to the Dolby Atmos technology that produces a surround sound experience.
Sony XBR-65X900FThe Sony XBR-65X900F is a great Smart TV that is easy to set up and control. The 4K HD TV has a wide range of color and contrast that gives you stunning images that are crisp and clear, which is enhanced by the X1 Extreme Processor. It also has an X-Motion Clarity feature that minimized blurriness during fast moving action scenes and Triluminos for dynamic and vibrant color. The TV has a firm stand though it can optionally be mounted to your wall with a 300 by 300 wall mount. The TV is voice control enabled and it's also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
LG C8 OLEDThe LG C8 stretches the limits with regards to AV execution. It's Alpha 9 processor creates brilliantly point by point, energetic 4K pictures, and its gaming execution is first class. LG has delivered an amazingly progressed 4K OLED with the C8. This 65-incher offers excellent pictures, and the set's fine detail execution (given the correct picture mode) is top notch. Regardless of what other brands bring to the table, the C8 is without a doubt one of the 2 or 3 best OLED TVs LG has produced.
Sony A8F OLEDThe Sony A8F OLED is one of the best Sony Smart TVs in the market. The OLED TV produces incredible image quality with over 8 million self illuminating pixels to give you deeper blacks and a wide range of other colors. It runs on an X1 Extreme processor that pairs up with 4K X-reality PRO8 to give you dynamic and realistic pictures every time. The sound is just as great due to the Sony Acoustic Surface feature, and you can easily connect it to your computer, phone or gaming console via the included ports.
OLED65E8The OLED65E8 is an ideal choice if you're looking for a TV that looks and sounds great. The 65 inch Smart TV comes with a 2.1 ch High Resolution sound bar that amplifies your listening experience which is great when watching movies or listening to music. It also comes with a wall mount that is very easy to set up and it's designed with ports to connect to other devices. It has a voice control feature, and it uses Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10 technology to produce high quality images. It also runs on an a9 Intelligent Processor for better color accuracy and enhanced sharpness.
Sony A1E OLEDThe Sony A1E OLED is a wonderful Smart TV. The OLED 4K HDR TV produces high quality images with deep blacks and a wide range of color to give you a really stunning viewing experience with over 8 million self illuminating pixels. The built in speakers work to give you a true surround sound experience that fills the whole room thanks to the Acoustic Surface feature. It runs on an X1 Extreme processor that enhances image quality and it is very easy to control when adjusting the settings to match your viewing preferences.
Samsung 65Q9FNThe Samsung 65Q9FN is a beautiful Smart TV with great features. It has an extended range of colors and shades to heighten your viewing experience with impressive backlighting and HDR10+ technology. The TV has a sleek design with a cable control feature to minimize clutter and give you a neat set up. The color volume is outstanding and it automatically fades in bright scenes to protect your eyes while still giving you an unforgettable viewing experience. The huge 65 inch screen is anti-reflective for extra comfort by reducing glare a deepening blacks.

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