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Sony XF90
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LG C8 OLEDThe LG C8 stretches the limits with regards to AV execution. It's Alpha 9 processor creates brilliantly point by point, energetic 4K pictures, and its gaming execution is first class. LG has delivered an amazingly progressed 4K OLED with the C8. This 65-incher offers excellent pictures, and the set's fine detail execution (given the correct picture mode) is top notch. Regardless of what other brands bring to the table, the C8 is without a doubt one of the 2 or 3 best OLED TVs LG has produced.
Sony XF90X900F is outfitted with more LED darkening zones and highlights a new X-motion Clarity framework. It is additionally fueled by a X1 Extreme processor, which lets it support Dolby Vision. The ports all face down or to the side and it feels solid enough however it needs finesse. This TV comes pre-installed with Android 7. Gamers will somewhat be disappointed that the input lag has not been improved. The image quality is incredible and Sony keeps on being at the top in numerous areas. X900F delivers great image quality over SD, HD, and 4K, for SDR and HDR.
Samsung Q7FNThe Q7FN utilizes Samsung's popular T-Bar type stand to hold the TV up and hide cables in the back. This makes for a speedy setup and clean look when everything is wrapped up. The TV has a silver edge with a slender, eighth-inch bezel. It's not imperceptible to the eye, but it's really thin everything considered. The screen sits at a large portion of an-inch close to the top and a full inch close to the base of the screen. To support the Q7FN's image execution is a shockingly amazing sound framework.
Sony Bravia AF9The AF9 looks amazingly sleek. In comparison to the AF8, this TV does not stand straight up on its leg but rather inclines somewhat back so that the folding stand solidly holds it up. In any case, you truly can't see quite a bit of a distinction from the front. Sound from the AF9 is clear, and with he use of Acoustic Surface innovation, the sounds originate from the focal point of the screen as opposed to radiating from some indefinable spot behind the TV. The screen transforms into a vibrating sound box that, together with the side speakers and woofers, gives an incredibly rich sound.
Samsung Q9FNWith a large and a brilliant screen and an abundance of choices for connecting with speakers, soundbars, phones and other smart home machines in Samsung's eco-framework, Samsung's lead Q9FN fundamentally ticks all the right boxes. As far as the physical structure, the Q9FN is an excellent piece of tech. It looks completely ravishing. It's thin, and doesn't have a thick base bolted to the bottom. The sleek thin dark frame guarantees you get as expansive an image as could be expected under the circumstances and the screen works in such a way that you won't be troubled by glare from windows.

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